On Womanizer…

Now that I’ve got my thoughts in order:

“Womanizer,” at first listen, is not nearly as immediate as Britney‘s previous “comeback” single. It is jaunty, erratic, and overly repetitive; a far cry from the dark, thumping disco of “Gimme More.”

But that doesn’t mean it’s not impressive. Scattered throughout are lyrical moments of brilliance: “You think I’m crazy? I got your crazy.” Not only that, but the production is super-slick and very of the moment. Britney sounds vibrant, enthusiastic, and rearing to go. There’s no distant sadness in her vocals this time around, only confidence.

The CD quality is–and I cannot stress this enough–vastly superior to the sound of the radio rip. The reverb quality and crispness of her voice is superb in rich quality.

The song itself contains elements of “Ooh Ooh Baby,” “Radar,” and “Chaotic,” but most explicit is the similarity to Jamelia‘s “Beware of the Dog.”

All in all, I’m still over the moon about this release. I think it’s a golden opportunity for a sick, sexy video and creative choreography, and the only thing more exciting than listening to “Womanizer” on repeat ad nauseum is the prospect of what’s next.

Girls Aloud: Promising Live

Girls Aloud: Promising Live

My mind is, quite literally, blown

Grace Jones: Bleeding Love

Grace Jones: Bleeding Love

Another day, another single

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