Make It Really Loud

As my fellow bloggers have been getting in a tizzy about, the unstoppable Donna Summer is back once more this year. She returns with “Stamp Your Feet” from her newest album, Crayons, certainly one of the most anticipated releases of the year.

The new single is very Cher meets Gwen‘s “Hollaback Girl.” Which, when you think about, is quite brilliant, really. The chorus is an attitude-heavy, hands-up fierce fest that doesn’t sound dated in the least. Instead, as the reigning Queen of Disco, Summer proves that she’s still got the finger firmly placed on the dancefloor pulse. She’s still making you move, whether you’re riding your E trip at the local gay bar, grooving in your office cubicle during work hours, or dance/crying in your underwear alone in your room. Get this one.

DL: Donna Summer – Stamp Your Feet

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Sunday Funnies

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