STEPS had no business storming back into pop culture in the year 2017 with their almighty, pop-saving comeback single “Scared of the Dark” back in March, nor their shimmering April LP Tears on the Dancefloor and the album’s two follow-up tracks, the Benny & Björn-penned “Story of a Heart” and “Neon Blue” — and yet, here they are, with their fourth single of the year.

Six months after the campy “Tragedy” ’90s pop troupe dropped their shouldn’t-be-as-good-as-it-is-yet-here-we-are record, they’ve already gone and announced a re-release — Tears On The Dancefloor: Crying At The Disco Deluxe Edition – complete with remixes and five brand new tracks, including lead single: “Dancing With a Broken Heart.” (There’s even a “Glitter & Gold” edition double vinyl being pressed, for God and/or Lisa-Scott Fucking Lee‘s sake.)

Now, wait, you must be thinking as an avid MuuMuse reader: I’ve heard this one somewhere before.

Yes! This is, indeed, the very same dance-away-the-demons song Australian songbird Delta Goodrem released as a single back in 2012, souped up by The Alias with an even gayer, string-filled “Your Disco Needs You” touch that pairs perfectly with the rest of the production on Tears — and a key change for good measure, obviously.

The flaw-free tune remains as such, but the bigger story might just be the single artwork. How hot does Lee look? And don’t Claire, Lisa and Faye look like edgy girl group legends? Sexy! Yes, yes, yes.

STEPS: the success story of 2017.

“Dancing With a Broken Heart” was released on September 19. (iTunes / Spotify)