Well, someone must have told her about Golden.

Madonna, Queen of Pop, is officially working on new music again. Thank God. (No one tell her about the movie she was threatening to make this year.)

As promised to us ever since jumping ship from this shithole and moving to Portugal last year with her children, Esther Louise is now officially recording; her first foray into the studio following 2015’s Rebel Heart.

Madonna Story Instagram January 16

“Feels so good to be working on music again!” M-Dolla scribed across a photo from the Sticky & Sweet Tour book on her Instagram story on Wednesday (January 17).

There’s no word on what the music’s for yet (#M14, presumably), or when it will come out, or how it sounds: she could double-down on the Diplo beats, or perhaps dabble in some fado found in her new digs. Maybe if she’s really feeling her Portuguese self, she could even slide into Anitta and Pabllo Vittar‘s DMs to give us a Brazilian “Give Me All Your Luvin'” moment – except, you know, better. (Grito! Morta! in advance.)

As long as it’s not “Modern Americana with 808s,” we’re good. (Besides, she already did that twenty years ago.)

We should hear something by end of year: she did promise to tour in 2018, which would imply that new material would need to come out in advance to supplement another outing. (That is, unless we’re getting a Celebration Vol. 2: Celebrate Harder.)

Lead the way, Madge.

Photo via Semtex Films / Eagle Vision.