‘Paraíso’: Pabllo Vittar & Lucas Lucco Defrost Our Frozen Bundas With an Early Song of Summer ’18 Contender

Two Brazilian babes. One early contender for Song of Summer ’18.

Pabllo Vittar is the leading Brazilian bombshell drag queen-turned-“Sua Cara” pop vocal powerhouse poised to take over the globe.

Lucas Lucco is a Brazilian singer-songwriter-actor who very rudely looks like this.

Together, the two make one sizzling musical couple, capable of bringing the heat despite the disgusting, single digit weather stateside. (Seriously, it’s fucking cold in New York City.)

“Paraíso” is the duo’s long-teased collaboration, released on my day of birth (January 5), which I can only assume was an intentional gift directly from Pabllo to me. Co-crafted with Rodrigo Gorky, Maffalda, Pablo Bispo, Ivo Mozart, Lucas Santos, Victor Reis, Rodrigo Marques and Arthur Marques – most of the production team behind Pabllo’s excellent 2017 debut, Vai Passar Mal – the track finds the two getting flirty above seductive waves of summery pulsations and dramatic stabs of synths.

Te beijo gostoso / Eu tiro sua roupa / Te levo pro paraíso,” Lucas promises. (That’s “I kiss you, sweetheart / I take your clothes off / I’ll take you to paradise.“)

E eu vou, e eu vou” (or “and I go, and I go,“), Pabllo replies – because, um, fucking duh. (Just to refresh your memory, here’s Lucas.)

And, as with every Pabllo production, the “Corpo Sensual” crooner comes through with those trademark soul-shaking wails at the very end. Waaaaaah! The only critique? The track comes to a close way too soon, clocking in at a mere 2:43. Such teases.

The two Brazilian stars just shot a music video back in December in Bahia, which already looks promising. (Here’s hoping the song gets an extended mix with the video, too.)

We love a power couple – and an early Song of Summer ’18 contender. Let’s go.

Pabllo Vittar Lucas Lucco
Felipe Flores / Divulgação

“Paraíso” was released on January 5. (iTunes / Spotify)

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