Alcazar, the Swedish disco-pop troupe responsible for turning me gay and forcing me to wear my ties like Richard Gere with “Crying at the Discotheque,” is back. For the last time. Maybe.

The group is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year with a brand new single and a farewell tour throughout Sweden before their alleged split – which, they’ve threatened in the past, so. Mmhmm.

The “Sexual Guarantee” troupe successfully endured two decades – member roster shake-ups be damned – and they’re capping it all off with a song called “In The Name Of Love,” which doubles as the theme song for Europride 2018 – and, originally, a Melodifestivalen submission.

It’s a bonafide homosexual robo-banger, full of fierce militant beats and lots of “oooh, baybee“-s and encouraging words: “L-O-V-E! In the name of love!

It’s great, actually! And everyone knows that any song involving a L-O-V-E chant is objectively good. (Looking at you, Ashlee. And you too, Nicola.)

One might even say we gotta…fight, fight, fight, fight, fight for this love.

Check out the tour dates below.

20 Years of Disco – Mission Completed
October 5 – Halmstad, Halmstad Arena
October 6 – Skövde, Arena Skövde
October 12 – Örebro, Conventum Arena
October 13 – Falun, Jalas Arena
October 19 – Västerås, Bombardier Arena
October 20 – Malmö, Baltic Hall
October 26 – Linköping, SAAB Arena
October 27 – Eskilstuna, Stiga Sports Arena
November 2 – Kristianstad, Kristianstad Arena
November 3 – Växjö, Fortnox Arena
November 9 – Luleå, Luleå Energy Arena
November 10 – Umeå, Umeå Energy Arena
November 16 – Uppsala, IFU Arena
November 17 – Gävle, Gavlehovshallen

“In The Name Of Love” was released on February 5. (iTunes)

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