Little Boots is tearfully voguing in the darkest recesses of the dance floor – and she’s got all her girls with her, too.

Sisters are doing it for themselves lately: after Georgia Nott of BROODS debuted her all-female The Venus Project, Victoria Hesketh – AKA Little Boots – is here to supply her very own all-girl project in the form of Burn, a collaborative EP dropping on April 6.

“Shadows” is the fierce lead track from the project, a chic moment of strut-worthy pulsations, tender vocals and dark and moody synths.

“The song is about trying to get on with your life but sometimes the past can get the better of you or overshadow you, and that’s okay,” Miss Boots explains.

“Sometimes you would rather take the darkest traces of someone’s love than lose it altogether, but when you finally break free from that cycle you open yourself up to new opportunities, and that’s often when beautiful things start to happen. I really wanted to channel that dark, pulsing dance floor feeling but combine it with emotive lyrics and an uplifting melody, to get a kind of ’tears on the dance floor’ tension.”

As we’ve known for years now, Little Boots knows a thing or two about good pop, so it’s no surprise she’d strive for “tears on the dance floor,” which is objectively The Best Genre.

As for the all-female aspect: “I collaborated with Joyce Muniz, who is an amazing Brazilian producer and DJ based in Berlin. I’ve been a fan and spinning her tracks out for a while, so I was super excited to work together on this,” she says.

The upcoming project also sees collaborations with Lauren Flax, Planningtorock and Cora Novoa, and was mixed by Marta Salogni, who just recently worked on Björk‘s Utopia.

“Creating a project focused on female talent is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and the process was incredibly inspiring. The producers involved hail from more underground backgrounds sonically and have very different approaches, but what tied everything together was their open mindedness and embrace of pop hooks and melodies. Since relocating to Los Angeles I’ve been DJing a lot and the shift in sound very much reflects this. In many ways this EP really feels like a rebirth for me. Conceptually, I’ve been interested in the themes of desire, lust and lack, so the title Burn can be interpreted in many ways, from the burn of desire, to the burn of pain; you cannot have one without the other.”

What a lovely way to burn.

“Shadows” was released on February 23. (iTunes)

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