Jake Germain Over U

Jake Germain Is Getting ‘Over U’

Meet Jake, one of the newest purveyors of ’00s MySpace-era pop nostalgia.

Lord knows: if it doesn’t involve wigs and stilettos, I’m not interested. Usually, anyway.

That being said, it’s a (not so) New Year, (not so) New Me, and it’s time to be more open-minded in terms of potential pop saviors – especially in these trying times.

Jake Germain is an up-and-coming act, simmering on the social media scene amid an exciting crew of rising digital music makers. And, just like our beloved “Mine” Internet babe Slayyyter (oh me, oh my – check out our interview if you haven’t already), he’s collaborated with fellow promising pop self-starter/producer Boy Sim on a new track called “Over U,” which is so instant and obvious in its infectiousness, it’s silly. (The subject matter, however, is no laughing matter.)

As with Carly Raemacculate Jepselegend of the North and her objectively perfect “Tonight I’m Getting Over You,” Jake has some getting over U to do.

And so, he and Boy Sim crafted a track (yes, a “bop”) that remains firmly, endlessly stuck on repe-pe-peat, vaguely bringing #SomethingMoreEuropean to mind, including CRJ’s anthem (thus recalling the Swede-pop perfection of Max Martin), as well as the vocoded timelessness of Daft Punk‘s “One More Time” and the synth-y Norwegian goodness of Donkeyboy.

“‘Over U’ is a really special track to me,” Jake tells MuuMuse.

“I think it’s one of the most important ones I’ve written in a really long time. It’s a really empowering song about forgetting all the good and the bad and just moving on. It sort of came about during the whole transition I had from my previous style of music to the new style that I’ve been doing, so it’s definitely a cross between the both which is really cool for me to see,” he explains.

“I had originally produced the demo, but I knew it needed an extra boost so I ended up sending it over to Boy Sim for co-production He took the exact image I had in my head and it turned into such an amazing song. He’s a genius, I trust him with anything I’m working on.”

Jake, like Slayyyter, also has lots of thoughts about The State of Pop, nostalgia and what’s coming next.

“The MySpace pop resurgence is definitely something I think Internet culture as a whole needed, I feel like this whole moment is kind of bringing back that very 2009-2011 pop sound that dominated the radio…I think we all sort of have a huge nostalgia for what pop used to be, and we all really want to see it come back around. People are missing it.”

It’s true: echoes of that era already seem to be bubbling up into mainstream music in the latest generation of pop hopefuls – see Ava Max‘s Fame-era Lady Gaga love letter, “Sweet But Psycho,” for example.

Music is cyclical. Trends come in waves. Nothing’s ever really dies, and nothing is really over – except for you. We’re most definitely getting over you tonight.

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“Over U” was released on April 4. (iTunes)

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