Blair St. Clair: future drag-pop superstar, do I dare declare?

The newly eliminated RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 contestant may no longer be in the running for taking home the crown this year – although we’ve known for weeks that the season’s actual winner is Miss Vanessa Vanjie Mateo, no matter what – but she does have a pretty neat consolation prize: a budding music career.

The charming, cutesy, and quite possibly secretly 12-year-old sweetheart of the competition just released her debut single, called “Now Or Never” on Friday (April 27) – and it’s actually pretty great.

It’s got all the fixings of a fierce dance-pop ditty, without being completely overwhelmed by the comedy, camp and catchphrases that usually dominate most post-Drag Race originals. Of course, it’s still gay as all hell, with Blair showcasing her inner theater nerd with that vibrato (“I-i-IIII!”) – and yes, there’s an “I do declare” reference as well. But this plays much more like a dance-pop banger than a fierce bitch track or a funny bop – and that’s one damn catchy chorus.

The accompanying music video strikes a balance between funny and fierce, as Blair feels her ’50s-slash-’60s housewife fantasy, emancipating herself from her disrespectful dude and taking flight on Blair St. Air to live out her best life, Pleasantville style – with some familiar cameos thrown in for good measure. (Hello, Miss Jinkx Monsoon and Miss Manila Luzon.) That skit in the middle is perfect. And those glamorous final scenes? A budget! Or, at least, some friends in high places.

The whole resilient, uplifting, dust-off-and-dance – a Tiffany reference, all two of you who caught it – spirit of the release feels especially real given her shocking sexual assault revelation immediately before her elimination. There’s a real sincerity to the production, especially considering her publicized struggle with alcohol and the dark moments in her past.

As a Queen who was far from the biggest personality in the work room, it’ll be interesting to see where Blair will take her post-Drag Race career, especially now knowing that she’s capable of serving up something like this. It’s now or never, after all.

“Now or Never” was released on April 27. (iTunes)

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