Orion’s Essential Sad Disco Anthem, “In The End”

Guess what? It’s time for tears. Yay!

28-year-old Hampus Drake (heretofore known as Orion) is a blossoming producer from Stockholm. And if you’re doing the math correctly (Stockholm is in Sweden, Sweden is where Robyn comes from), you’re right: He’s already perfect.

After over a decade spent sorting through record shops in New York City, starting his own record label in Stockholm and DJing sets across the world, the rising producer has finally decided the time is right to begin releasing his own music.

“In The End” is his first major effort, featuring vocals by a Swede songstress (Swedestress?) named Marylin.

Like PopJustice said, it’s a song for people who enjoy “happysad tearsoaked discoballads.” Like Scandipop said, it’s “a soft dance song that sounds as though Kleerup & Robyn met up with Rebecca & Fiona.” Like I said: “OMFG.”

“I know you would be better without him or his lies/I know I’ll treat you better/If you give me a chance I’ll try,” Marylin croons on the dreamy, synth-pop disco stomper. Interesting use of pronoun there–a song dedicated to a gay man? Or another woman? Or since Orion wrote it, is this simply the producer projecting through his dance floor muse to the (wo)man of his dreams?

Either way, between the gender confusion and the fact that this is really just a Robyn song sung by someone that happens to not be Robyn, Marylin and Orion are clearly LGBT warriors. (I’m just on a high from Britney’s LGBT warrior-ing, sorry.)

Also, there’s no denying the fact that this…

In the end, there is only us/And baby there is time for us/And in the end, there is only you/’Cause baby, I will die for you.

…is one of my favorite lyrics of 2012.

Basically, it’s that essential crying-at-the-discotheque anthem you’ve been waiting for ever since Body Talk dropped.

And now, in a video treatment that will be shocking to approximately no one, I present a sad, mysterious girl in flowing garb wandering longingly around a windy beach. She probably has secrets.

Thanks to Muuser Eric H. for sending this my way!

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