Is Alice About to Save Pop?

She’s been working with Carl Falk, Rami Yacoub and Bonnie McKee, dancing to Madonna and singing Mariah. Is Alice the next big thing?

Normally, I wouldn’t get ahead of myself with an “Introduucing…” so soon.

But after watching this teaser, reading her mission statement and combing through the pre-debut archives…I’m intrigued.

Alice (alice) is a yet-to-debut pop star with an already impressive roster of songwriters, producers and superstar mentors on her side: Rami Yacoub, Max Martin‘s longtime collaborator, Carl Falk, Mark Ralph (Years & Years), Bonnie McKee and Mozella are on board. As is her mentor, Kee Ingrosso (Kinnda), Sebastian Ingrosso‘s wife, who co-wrote “On The Floor” for Jennifer Lopez and “Who’s That Chick?” for David Guetta and Rihanna. And, yes,‘s given his co-sign as well – and even helped to get her signed to Capitol Records in America (Virgin EMI in the UK).

Alice is “bored of a modern pop landscape that’s rigid and way too-cool-for-school” – and she’s looking back at pop icons for inspiration.

“I’m inspired by real entertainers. Those are the elements I grew up with. I love the old music videos where the choreography was so fierce and of such a high standard. I want full on choreography, theatrics, acting, and absolutely loving being a pop star. I’m also heavily influenced by old Hollywood glamour. I love that aesthetic, so there’s always a nod to that too,” she says.

“I just love pop bangers that make you feel amazing and make you want to dance.”

As of Wednesday (April 11), there’s this deliciously dramatic visual for an introduction serving shades of Marvel-meets-“Fighter”-era Christina Aguilera-slash-Lady Gaga, featuring a creepy giant spider called “Baby A,” which is essentially her own take on Beyonce‘s Sasha Fierce.

“The spider is the fierce side of me, because sometimes I can be a little bit shy or goofy, but when I’m ‘Baby A’ I can fight my demons and be a fierce woman who doesn’t take any bullshit,” she explains.

With a little digging on social media, you’ll find that Alice is actually Alice Chater (@AliChater on Twitter) – and there are plenty of indicators that this is all shaping up quite nicely.

For instance, there’s this: a cover of Madonna‘s “Hung Up,” revealing that the girl’s not only got the moves – and a distinct set of pipes – but fine taste, too. (She’s declared Madonna her Queen, repeatedly.)

Greater/gayer still? An acoustic cover of CeCe Peniston‘s classic “Finally.” Again, that voice.

For the EDM babes, she’s got something for you too: a cover of Axwell Λ Ingrosso‘s “More Than You Know.” Watch out for that high note at 3:09, especially.

And while you’d have to be crazy to cover The Elusive Chanteuse herself, Mariah Carey, this take on “Vision of Love” is impressive enough to show that she can vocally hold her own.

Alice has already supported Seal in concert, inked a modeling deal, and served looks at fashion shows. And, don’t worry – she loves Britney, too.

Granted, we haven’t actually heard the new music yet, which is set to arrive momentarily. But so far, this web she’s weaving is looking awfully enticing.

Stay tuned…

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