‘Dance To This’: Troye Sivan & Ariana Grande Sing the Sexy Praises of Staying at Home

Inspired by Janet Jackson, Troye Sivan and Ariana Grande team up for a smooth serving of introverted sexy pop.

In this Pride™ Month, the Gayest of Months, it’s hard not to feel an immense amount of Pride™ for Troye Sivan: bb’s really living out the whole twink-pop fantasy, just as hoped years ago. Bops about bottoming! Femme-y fashion statements! Explicit, rampant homosexuality! It’s all happening.

Our pint-sized, mush-mouthed ponytail princess, Ariana Grande, is certainly feeling just fine as well at the moment. Not only are there no more tears left to cry, but she’s blissfully twirling her thigh-high boots full speed ahead towards her first annulment (all true Queens of Pop™ are required to have at least two under their belt, them’s the rules) and stealing the light back with her upcoming saccharine-sounding record, Sweetener.

Ari also might very well be the current reigning Queen of the Gay Youth, in this, our year of TwentyGayTeen. (Admittedly, I’ve lost track of who actually owns the throne in a post-Gaga landscape of Instagram #influencers and YouTube MUAs.)

In any case, these two gay men have joined homosexual forces on a long-teased track called “Dance To This” off of Troye’s forthcoming record, Bloom.

And…it’s so smooth, stylish and sexy.

The track was co-written by Troye with longtime collaborator and best friend Brett McLaughlin (AKA Leland), Noonie Bao and Oscar Holter, who also produced “Bloom.”

The song’s inspiration? It’s Janet – Miss Jackson, if you’re nasty.

“I was working with the Max Martin crew in their big beautiful house…I worked with this producer Oscar Holter before, who’s a part of that…and we were all just kind of hanging out,” he explained to Zane Lowe on Beats 1.

“I’d seen Janet Jackson at the Hollywood Bowl…she played that song ‘All Nite (Don’t Stop),’ and the percussion was the starting point for this song.”

While the title of the track would suggest a four-to-the-floor stormer on the dance floor, the truth is that the dreamy, intimate tune is better suited for a hot and heavy make-out session whilst Netflix-and-chilling at home.

“‘Dance To This’ is about that moment when you feel like you’ve been to enough house parties or events, and staying home and like, making out in the kitchen and cooking dinner sounds like a much, much better alternative,” Troye says.

The little details stand out: the atmospheric synth pads, the lonesome twang, the Janet-inspired beat (!), each one of Troye’s breathy “oh-ah.” That spoken word moment in the bridge, repeated again at the end – “I don’t wanna sleep toni-ni-night…” – is pure sex. ( A lyrical nod to “Slumber Party,” obviously.)

As a sucker for anything that sounds like it could be filed under “Sexy Introvert” – acts like Zayn and The Weeknd come to mind (and Miss Jackson, of course) – this is certainly hitting the spot.

Why go out and waste all that time, money and energy when you can just stay in and dance (or fuck) to this all night? Don’t stop, don’t stop…

“Dance To This” was released on June 13. (iTunes)

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