Kylie Minogue Years and Years Olly Alexander Starstruck

Kylie Minogue Takes Years & Years’ “Starstruck” to Another Galaxy

Olly’s joyous bop gets a Mighty Minogue makeover.

“I can’t help it / I get starstruck around you…”

Kylie Minogue is making gay dreams come true yet again.

Like the Green Fairy she played in Moulin Rouge, with a little shimmy and a shake (and a healthy dollop of glitter), the “Chocolate” chanteuse just makes everything feel infinitely (disco) better – and her remix of Years & Years“Starstruck” out on Friday (May 21) is certainly no exception.

Our Mighty Aphrodite™, Dance Floor Darling™ and tireless LGBTQ+ ally’s forged a friendly relationship with sweet, sweet Olly Alexander on and off the stage over the years, as illustrated in his (appropriately fangirl-y) TikTok announcing the collaboration.

And now, the two have come together in song. (Or songs, possibly? More on that later.)

Unlike far too many other collaborations as of late, this remix is actually a proper duet: Kylie is heavily featured throughout – just as she should be – and she sounds really, really incredible singing alongside Olly. The signature breathy moans are all there. And those vocals? That’s that Minogue magic. She is a smile in human form!

“Kylie is an icon who has inspired me since I first started making music, so this feels out this world,” Olly says.

“I asked if Kylie would be interested in doing something on the song and I’m so thankful she said yes!!! I’ve been on cloud nine ever since and she’s really brought so much to the song, her voice is divine and her presence is just magic. I really hope people enjoy this moment of cosmic fantasy, I’m over the moon and the stars and the planets that this has happened!”

Honestly, it’s a win for everybody involved, and their “Starstruck” duet deserves to be a big ‘ol, joyfully giant summer hit.

Plus, it sounds like this isn’t the only time the two are teaming up: if the rumblings are true, we’ll be getting an Olly-penned tune on the forthcoming repackage of Kylie’s Disco – and that highly anticipated Jessie Ware collaboration, too. Promises, promises.

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