Look, I’m trying to post more often. Are you noticing? I am!

The problem, which is not actually a bad problem, is that there are a lot of good songs out there at the moment – and very little free time for bloggin’ when I should be ‘on my grind.’ But it’s Saturday night: who wouldn’t wnat to stay in after working at their Internet content job all week long to make more content for the Internet?

Besides, all I can hear or see for the past 24 hours is Demi Lovato‘s tweet.

My inner saboteur. Ridiculing me. Nevertheless, I blogsisted.

Allie X, maker of one of the best releases last year (Collxtion II), is remedying my tardiness with a brand new, yet very old version of her (gorgeous) current single, “Focus.”

It’s already a good song, but she might have just made it even better with a live, one-take version of the song, recorded in “Vintage” – eh heh, REFERENCE – style.

The added high notes and ad-libs are like buttah – she really excels at urgency, adding some major dramatic oomph to the production. (And the ’80s music video drag is a definite bonus.)

Luckily, Miss X is a giving kween of the digital age who knows how to provide for the people in a timely manner, which is why she’s already uploaded this special version across streaming platforms.

Enjoy – err, XNJOY.

“Focus (Analog Version)” was released on July 6. (iTunes)

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