Happy 60th Birthday, Madonna, Queen of Pop

Oh yeah, it’s Her birthday.

I do not know what to say on a day like today, a religious observance, in celebration (REFERENCE) of the 60th anniversary of the birth of Her Madgesty, but I’ll try.

Has a day gone by when I DON’T think about Madonna?

The reinventions, the fashions, the performances, the fans – speaking of: someone give me one, you have no idea, I can’t even think to answer a question.

Above all, the MUSIC…which, as you might know, makes the people come together. At her best, she’s better than the rest. At her worst, she’s more memorable than the endless sea of mediocre. (Except “Hey You.”)

In the current climate of mumbling mannequins masquerading as pop stars incapable of choreography and devoid of presence outside of social media, an actual Living Legend still struts, thrusts and vogues among us. She is STILL so mighty, so terrifying, so endlessly inspiring because of her rebellious spirit and refusal to take anyone’s shit – and don’t ever tell her to stop.

The silence that falls over a room when she enters needs to be experienced to be believed. In all of her outspoken glory, has she been wrong? OH, yes. Find me a human who hasn’t. More often, she’s got something to say because she’s lived to tell.

The most constant themes in her work – determination, the importance of self-expression and self-examination, LOVE – are words to live by.

Madonna set the bar, stood on a nun, shimmied up a pole and set it higher. Oh, the debt I’m in! Indebted to her, eternally, for her artistry. And also in debt, literally, because of all the CDs, vinyls, shirts, magazines, books, posters, parties, trips and shows over the years. Worth it!

Honor your Icons while they’re here! Baby gays, millennials, Generation Z or whatever: do your fucking homework before bowing to false idols. Everyone knows Britney has my heart, but as I say to anyone who dares to ask: she’s the Princess of Pop.

Theres no question, no exaggeration, no Stan Twitter hyperbole…to quote someone asserting her own position on the rap throne: “There’s only one Queen, and that’s Madonna, bitch.”


Photo credit: Gary Heery

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