‘Problema Seu’: Pabllo Vittar Feels Her Brazilian ‘Toxic’ Met Gala Fantasy

Pabllo’s one problem you won’t mind having.

Pabllo Vittar, Brazil’s Premiere Drag Queen-Turned Pop Star, Lover of Diplo and Friend of Anitta, is back for more.

And this time, vai passar even mal-er.

“Problema Seu” is the latest bop served up by the (currently) neon yellow-haired Brazilian LGBTQ pioneer, just ahead of the forthcoming release of her sophomore record, tentatively called PV2.

The all-too-brief track, clocking in at just 2:42 minutes, is essentially a warning to past, present and future admirers: you fell in love with Pabllo? Join the club.

But she can’t be tamed, she won’t stop, she can’t stop, and she just doesn’t have time for you – that’s your problem now.

The plot of the accompanying music video is fairly self-explanatory: Pabllo totally forgot she left her brand new, already Diamond-certified album in a museum, so she has to break in with a hottie – you can’t just steal things without a sexy person in tow, I don’t make the rules – and extract the highly prized material while avoiding security guards and dangerous laser beams. Essentially, it’s Mission: Impossible meets “Die Another Day” meets Met Gala meets “Toxic.”

Pabllo is absolutely living the full pop star fantasy: fierce and futuristic outfits, mostly shirtless background dancers, product placement (all pop stars of quality do it), fight scenes, and ample choreography in front of staircases. She also just looks very expensive in general.

Pabllo Vittar Problema Seu

I mean…

To quote the Queen of Pop on her 60th birthday: I’m not religious, but it makes me wanna pray.

Pabllo Vittar Problema Seu

And in the grand scheme of things, Pabllo Vittar is one problem I really don’t mind having. Problema meu.

“Problema Seu” was released on August 15. (iTunes)

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Photo credit: @PabloVittar

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