Utada Hikaru, Skrillex & Poo Bear Are Doing the Opening Theme of ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’

Hang on to your fucking keyblades.

I…I’m crying? Yeah I’m EMO who fucking cares. Hold on. Let me compose myself.

Christina Aguilera Crying

Okay, so.

Utada Hikaru, Queen of First Love(s), provided one of the most beloved video game theme songs of all time with “Simple & Clean” / “Hikari” for Kingdom Hearts. She did it again with “Sanctuary” / “Passion” for Kingdom Hearts 2.

And, until just a few hours ago, we assumed we already had the one and only theme song of the eternally delayed Kingdom Hearts 3, due out in January 2019: “Chikai”, featured on her latest studio album Hatsukoi, and most of its English counterpart, “Don’t Think Twice”.

Well, we thought wrong (feat. Tamyra Gray). Very wrong. It appears Hikki has pulled a stunt – because there are two theme songs coming.

Utada Hikaru Look GiF

Eagle-eyed stans noticed a newly registered song listed on ASCAP on Friday (September 21) called “Face My Fears” with three writers credited: Sonny Moore, the artist also known as Skrillex, Jason Boyd, the artist also known as Poo Bear…and Hikaru Utada.

And the song’s alternate title? “Opening Theme (Kingdom Hearts 3),” meaning “Don’t Think Twice”/”Chikai” is actually only the ending theme.

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I’m just…overwhelmed. Let’s break it down.

First of all, Skrillex and Poo Bear are both incredible producers and songwriters: both of them did tremendous work on Justin Bieber‘s Purpose, which undeniably shifted the sound of Top 40 radio in 2015. They directly worked together on songs like “Sorry,” “The Feeling,” “I’ll Show You,” “Children” and even “Where Are Ü Now,” that incredible Jack Ü collaboration, which is still one of the best songs released that year.

Secondly, Skrillex – like anyone else with good taste – is both a Hikki stan and a Kingdom Hearts stan. In some ways, you might even say this was his…destiny.

Thirdly, and most speculatively, but clearly the most important point of all: if this song is as much of a smash as it already promises to be on (digital) paper, then Utada will undoubtedly chart stateside, and perhaps even have an actual hit. And at that point, there will be no choice but to do another English record.

Gather ’round your Kuma bears, Hikki fans. Collect your keyblades, Kingdom Hearts nerds. Let us join hands, bow our heads, face our fears and pray.


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UPDATE: It’s official. I’m crying.

Photo credit: Big Beat/Jas Davis / Sony Music Entertainment Japan / Capitol Records

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