“Feeling stupid, feeling small / Wishing she had never left at all…”

Cher, creator and founder of Music, Burlesque and Emojis, already gave the LGBTQ community everything they wanted with “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight),” swiftly followed by “SOS” – a one-two glittery punch of overwhelming, perhaps even irresponsibly over-the-top levels of homosexuality.

But now, after getting our hearts fluttering with poppers o’clock dance floor stompers, the 72-year-old Believer in Life After Love has decided to bring us to our knees in the midnight hour. (No, not for that reason. The other reason: gay tears.)

“One Of Us” is the latest song to come from Dancing Queen, Cher’s Mark Taylor-produced ABBA covers album, due out next week (September 28).

As opposed to reproducing the original’s melancholy midtempo beat, Cher opted for a soft piano-and-strings accompaniment, putting her voice front and center for a full-bodied rendition of the lonesome and haunting post-divorce(s) late era ABBA single, released in Sweden in 1981 (1983 in America).

Seriously, she sounds so incredible. V-o-c-a-l-s. Cher delivers devastation so damn well.

And now one, and/or many of us, will be crying in our lonely bed for days to come.

Britney Spears Cry Gif

“One Of Us” was released on September 21. (iTunes)

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Photo credit: Machado Cicala