Wonder ‘Woman’: BoA Is Coming Back, Yet Again, in 2018

BoA Woman

Why stage one comeback, or even two, when you can pull off three in the same year?

After releasing her first-ever Korean mini-album, One Shot, Two Shot in February, followed by her fantastic return to Japan with the underrated 私このままでいいのかな – plus her special Unchained mini-album for good measure! – BoA, now and forever the reigning Queen of K-Pop, is returning yet again at the end of this month with her ninth full-length Korean studio album, Woman.

That’s right: she’s not a girl (on top), not yet a woman. Or wait – no. Actually, she is very much a woman now.

The Korean news report, translated to English by Soompi, reveals that it’ll be a 10-track album, featuring the title track “Woman,” which is described as “a pop dance genre song with a rhythmical bass line and bright synthesizer sounds that mesh perfectly with BoA’s refreshing vocals. The lyrics, written by BoA herself, express the confidence of a woman.”


Boa Girls on Top Video

What a blessing! Any new BoA makes me a happy BoY, indeed. Has there ever been a time when a pop star has put out too many albums in one year? No, because the limit does not exist. So go ahead – keep pumping ’em out, Queen.

Now, let’s step back in time and remember just how far this woman has come.

“Woman” will be released on October 24.

Photo credit: SM Entertainment / @BoAKwon