Why stage one comeback, or even two, when you can pull off three in the same year?

After releasing her first-ever Korean mini-album, One Shot, Two Shot in February, followed by her fantastic return to Japan with the underrated 私このままでいいのかな – plus her special Unchained mini-album for good measure! – BoA, now and forever the reigning Queen of K-Pop, is returning yet again at the end of this month with her ninth full-length Korean studio album, Woman.

That’s right: she’s not a girl (on top), not yet a woman. Or wait – no. Actually, she is very much a woman now.

The Korean news report, translated to English by Soompi, reveals that it’ll be a 10-track album, featuring the title track “Woman,” which is described as “a pop dance genre song with a rhythmical bass line and bright synthesizer sounds that mesh perfectly with BoA’s refreshing vocals. The lyrics, written by BoA herself, express the confidence of a woman.”


Boa Girls on Top Video

What a blessing! Any new BoA makes me a happy BoY, indeed. Has there ever been a time when a pop star has put out too many albums in one year? No, because the limit does not exist. So go ahead – keep pumping ’em out, Queen.

Now, let’s step back in time and remember just how far this woman has come.

“Woman” will be released on October 24.

Photo credit: SM Entertainment / @BoAKwon