Silence is all I can listen to now…

The Golden era just keeps on truckin’.

However, as opposed to delivering yet another glittery, cowboy boot stompin’, homosexual line dance-ready burst of energy, Kylie Minogue‘s opted to bring down the BPM (REFERENCE) with one of the album’s most melancholy moments: “Music’s Too Sad Without You,” her duet with Jack Savoretti.

To accompany the fifth (!) single from Kylie’s fourteenth studio album, our beloved Red Blooded Woman opted to supply a simple, but effective display inside of an empty theater, alongside the very attractive Jack. It’s pure, heartbroken glamour, as Kylie elegantly drapes herself along the rows of seats and sadly Lana Del Twirls her way ’round the empty stage. She looks stunning and chic in every shot, as always.

As I’ve said before, the song gives me a bit of a “Where The Wild Roses Grow” vibe in all of its moody duet-ness as a haunting recollection of a love from long ago. (Granted, this one doesn’t involve murder, I don’t think…but still.) It’s beautiful – and a chill-inducing, emo ballad just in time for the fall season seems entirely fitting.

Besides, it’s an objective fact: all songs about the music not being the same without you are just perfect. Right, Cher?

Golden was released on April 6. (iTunes)

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