Rehearsalney Teases the ‘Britney: Domination’ Setlist

Britney’s getting back in the zone, two months ahead of the debut of her new Las Vegas residency, ‘Britney: Domination.’

It’s been a while…

Whilst we, the commoners and locals, have kept ourselves occupied all month long by singing the songs of The Holy Spearit in celebration of the calendar year’s most holy holiday, Britmas, the Legendary Miss Britney Spears herself is busy appreciating exquisite art and putting in work (bitch) at the dance studio ahead of the debut of her not-so-sold-out, announced-of-an-announced Park MGM Las Vegas residency, Britney: Domination.

(Larry. Promo…)

Ahead of the residency’s debut in February, banking purely on nostalgia as a selling point rather than providing any hope of new music on the horizon to advance her legacy and keep her relevant in today’s industry, we were promised by Larry Rudolph that the new show would be a “LITTLE BIT MORE STREET” affair, although we’ve seen little-to-no evidence that it’s not just Piece Of Me 3.0: More Pieces, More Me…until now. Well, kind of.

Over the past week, B-Girl has gone into overdrive on her Instagram, posting several clips of herself bringing the action.

What we do know is that there’s a fierce remix of “Slave” happening – it sounds like a drumline-slash-trap kind of reinterpretation, making good on Larry’s promise of #SomethingMoreUrban.

There’s also “Break The Ice,” which…well, um…has already become a meme, and probably not in a good way.

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Evidently, between this seizure-ography and the “peeper eyes” handography for “Scream & Shout (Remix),” someone is allowing her to choreograph. Lord knows, she loves a literal interpretation of a lyric.

Perhaps most exciting (and personal) to date is this: “Do You Wanna Come Over?” – and the introduction of “Coupure Électrique,” the French-language Glory left-lane standout.

While we’ve already gotten “Do You Wanna Come Over?” (evidently Team Britney found a way around the transportation issue with the long pole by replacing it with a sheet – innovative!), “Coupure” marks the first actual sign that this show isn’t just Piece Of Me. Exciting.

Britney Mask

Stans were also quick to notice that B’s wearing a face mask during the rehearsal, which could be for a number of reasons: either she’s fulfilling her K-Pop Idol Fantasy (everybody has one) – or she’s preparing to Valentina the situation because she can’t speak French, so she’ll let the funky music do the talking.

Britney Spears Valentina

It’s a lip-sync. What part of that do you not understand?

When Britney hasn’t teased the set list herself, others have done it on her behalf: “I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll” is seemingly back in the mix with seemingly identical choreography – and if a giant gee-tar gets wheeled out, we shall take to the streets of The Strip and riot. (Also – not to alarm anyone, but the “3” triangle cart prop from Piece Of Me is visible in the background of that rehearsal space. Lord, Recycleney…)

As is “Gimme More,” now with a “Who Is It?” call-out tacked into the intro, which is a…choice!

And there we have it so far: with less than two months to go, Brit Brit is getting in the zone and out all night getting back home at a decent hour – and it’s looking like she’s feeling it. (To be fair, we should brace ourselves and keep in mind one of The Great Truths of a Post-Blackout Britney: Rehearsalney, in comfortable sneakers, will always rock the spots harder than Stageney.) Still! Let us dream (within a dream) that she’s remixed, reinvigorated and still iconic…and pray that NAPPYTABS is just saving “Overprotected,” “My Prerogative,” “Hold It Against Me,” “Born to Make You Happy,” “Toy Soldier,” “Mona Lisa,” “I Will Be There,” “Over to You Now,” “Showdown,” “Phonography,” “Trouble,” and all the other songs as a surprise. Right? right.

See you soon… (Oh, and you haven’t yet, subscribe to It’s Britney, Bitch.)

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