‘Honey’ Video: Robyn Keeps Dancing, But Not on Her Own

Come get your honey.

Honey is one of my favorite albums of the year.

If I get around to doing a “Best Albums of 2018” list – which I should do, even though the Blogger’s List (and the blogger himself) feels so, so ancient at this point – then Honey will wind up in my Top 10. Easily.

I get that the album doesn’t have The Bops™, but it does have The Mood. If you need a quickly consumable electro-pop hits collection, refer to Rita Ora‘s Phoenix – or Body Talk, for that matter. I know that I, for one, had been deeply craving an experience, and that’s what Honey supplies. For me, anyway.

In any case, there’s a video now for title track “Honey” – which, if I do the other list for “Best Singles of 2018,” will also wind up very high in that ranking.

The clip was directed by Max Vitali, her longtime partner who she briefly separated from and eventually reunited with during the depressive lull that birthed Honey. They’ve worked together all the way since “Be Mine,” as well as “Dancing On My Own,” “Call Your Girlfriend” – he’s almost always behind the camera.

The concept is simple yet entirely suitable for the clip, which was filmed in London: human beings of all kinds, dancing, lost in the music.

To do so, she put out an open casting call for “modern and liberated supporters” to submit videos of themselves dancing. The cast was then compiled from people all over the world. It is formally described in the press release as “a testament to love, sensuality and the loose feeling during the after-hours of a great party, encapsulating the themes of Robyn’s universally acclaimed sixth album.”

“As with any video, or anything in life at all in fact, it’s all about having great people around. We had amazing, beautiful people that brought amazing, beautiful energy, both in front of and behind the camera, and I hope that comes across,” said Max.

“I was amazed by the warmth and open spirit of the cast. It was lovely to dance with them during the shoot, the energy was so cool. Max and I both wanted this video to feel loose and free and I was just so impressed of how everyone who came to be a part of the shoot just got it and gave it their all,” added Robyn. (Shout out to Nik, NEO10Y, for being among the warm and open cast.)

“It’s not about getting to the end, but enjoying where you are in the moment,” Robyn previously said of the song.

Consider this the visual interpretation of that philosophy.

Come get your honey.

Honey was released on October 26. (iTunes)

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