Sofi de la Torre Pero No

‘Pero No’: Sofi de la Torre’s Latest Is Moody, But It’ll Make You Move

Pero sí.

At this point, Sofi De La Torre should probably just carry a pillow around, because the world has stayed sleeping on her for years.

From 2014’s “Vermillion” and 2015’s Mess EP to “$” and her 2017 debut full-length Another Me. Not Me. I’m Done, the Spanish singer’s continued to supply breathy bouts of international-inspired pop goodness – POPDONERIGHT, if you will (her label’s name) – time after time.

And, lo and behold, she’s done it again.

As of late, Sofi’s decided to deliver songs in Spanish, which is not only #authentic to her roots, but a smart marketing choice considering the ongoing Spanish-language musical takeover happening across the globe. Following the release of “Estamos Mal” earlier this year, Sofi returned last Friday (July 19) with “Pero No.”

The on-the-brink-of-breaking-up song, composed alongside longtime collaborator Jonas W. Karlsson, falls under a consistently winning category of canciones: deceptively bop-able beats, accompanied by less-than-blissful lyricism. It’s one of those endless replayable vibes, with the right amount of over-it attitude, a repetitive shut-down (“pero no”) and a consistent pulse.

Tú piensas que me tienes donde quieres baby, pero no / Y piensas que me sabe’ hacer feliz, pero no,” she croons.

Basically: “you think you have me where you want me, but no. And you think you know how to make me happy, but no.” (And if my eight years of Spanish and/or language lessons from former flames has failed me, please let me know.)

As opposed to getting bent out of shape about her dying relationship’s dynamic mismatch however, she’s standing strong in her conviction. This is a kiss-off, but no one’s crying at the discotheque. (Well, maybe him.) Think you’ve still got a shot to patch things up? As American poet and Chivas enthusiast Kelly Brianne Clarkson once declared alongside friend and star of screen and stage Tamyra Gray: “you thought wrong.”

The track is also a perfect companion to one of my other favorite songs of the year – Paloma Mami‘s “Fingías” – proving that Fierce, Moody Vibras is truly the sound of 2019 for me.

With acts like fellow Spanish Queen Rosalía rightfully blowing up stateside, it only seems inevitable that Sofi sees more mainstream love coming her way soon, too. Pero si!

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