Sabrina Carpenter In My Bed Singular Act II

‘In My Bed’: Sabrina Carpenter Remains Today’s Most Reliable Post-Disney Pop Princess

Sabrina Carpenter keeps the quality pop coming with a bouncy ode to overthinking.

There are few objective truths in this world: death, taxes, and the pop supremacy of post-Disney princesses.

Of all the new girls on the scene, Sabrina Carpenter remains one of my favorites – and it all comes down, obviously, to the music.

Consistently, she’s supplied nothing but quality since debuting with Eyes Wide Open in 2015: from 2016’s EVOLution, including “Thumbs,” the spiritual continuation of Sam Sparro‘s “Black & Gold,” to all of last year’s Singular Act 1, including “Almost Love” and “Paris,” a stroke of breathy, romantic genius.

“In My Bed” is the third offering thus far from Sabrina’s upcoming follow-up, Singular: Act II, out on July 19, and it’s the best one from the set yet.

Little things become everything / When you wouldn’t think that they would,” the 20-year-old singer solemnly declares in the song’s dramatic opening.

Eventually, the track’s tension bursts into bubblier territory: “I’m still, I’m still, I’m still in my bed about it,” she purrs on the bouncy, synth-y chorus, which recalls the flirty and featherlight stuff of Selena Gomez‘s Revival era-and-beyond quirky bops.

“It’s a clever play on words instead of saying, ‘I’m in my head about it.’ The song is about one of those moments where life feels like a lot to deal with. We took that and turned it into something really fun and vulnerable,” she says of the ode to overthinking, produced by Mike Sabath, who not only worked on “Hold Tight” from Act 1, but Little Mix‘s almighty “Wasabi.”

There’s no real massive pop moment, per se: the best parts are in the details, from the playful background beats (“woo!“) to the sultry delivery of the line “I’m not usually like this…” to that hurried bridge.

It’s the little things that become everything, as one might say.

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“In My Bed” was released on June 7.

Photo credit: Hollywood Records

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