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Kylie Minogue Says Her New Music Will Be ‘Like Grown-Up Disco’

“That’s where I want it to be. Shimmery.”

I’ve had a theory for a couple weeks now that Mariah Carey scoring her rightful No. 1 with “All I Want for Christmas Is You” would cosmically right the wrongs that have plagued pop (and also the world) for years, and that all things would fall into place in this dawning of a new decade.

And now, would you look at that? It’s only Queen Kylie Minogue herself promising a return to the dance floor.

On Monday (December 22), while everyone was busy rushing around to buy last minute Christmas gifts, The Guardian published an interview between Kylie and Alan Carr ahead of her Secret Night special on Christmas Day. (Whatever it turns out to be, we’re not worthy.)

Amid banter about Glastonbury and the upcoming special, Kylie dropped a most incredible nugget of information out of the blue – or, should I say, into the blue…

“This year, with Glastonbury, with this TV show, it’s marking this point in time, but what’s great is what’s happening next. I’m really jazzed about [the music] to come. I think it’s going to be getting back on the dancefloor, like grown-up disco; that’s where I want it to be. Shimmery.”

“Dancefloor.” “Grown-up disco.” “Shimmery.

My heart.

Look: we’re all very happy that Kylie got to feel her Dolly Parton fantasy for an album cycle with Golden. But now, it seems one thing’s (got to be) certain: mama is coming back home.

She also confirmed that it’ll be coming sooner rather than later: “A rest will definitely do me the world of good! After that I’ll mostly be writing and prepping for the next album. It’s been such an inspiring year and I think that both me and my audience are ready for some new music. Let’s see where the journey takes us next!” she told Channel 4 in an interview ahead of her Secret Night.

Consider 2020 officially Highly Anticipated. (And that applies to you too, Rihanna: drop R9 before that next Fenty Beauty highlighter set.)

Kylie, you already know what to do…

Your disco needs…YOU.

Photo credit: YouTube

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