Skylar Grey Dark Thoughts

‘Dark Thoughts’: Skylar Grey Reintroduces Herself With a Shadowy Strip Tease

You loved the way she lied. And now, she has some dark thoughts to share with you.

You loved the way she lied. You found her a doctor. You welcomed her back with open arms when she was coming home. And now, Skylar Grey is having some rather spicy thoughts, and she’d like to let you know more about them.

Yes, Skylar Grey, the prolific singer-songwriter who’s penned and voiced plenty of your favorite songs since the early ’10s, is reintroducing herself in the form of a shadowy slice of moodiness, called “Dark Thoughts.”

Like many of pop’s top-tier songwriters, Skylar has found herself floating within all different sorts of genres: from those frequent chart-topping pairings with Eminem for nearly a decade, to co-writing Legend X‘s “Castle Walls” with T.I. (one of Christina’s most underrated collaborations, honestly) and Zedd‘s “Clarity” with Foxes, to lending her own voice to EDM favorites like David Guetta (“Rise”) and Kaskade (“Room for Happiness”).

She’s also managed to balance her superstar contributions with a handful of solo studio albums and EPs, resulting in creative space to do her own thing while sending hits shooting up the charts with other artists. Her last record, Natural Causes, was released back in 2016, and her latest independent set, Angel With Tattoos, dropped last year.

But based on her social media clean sweep, it appears as though she’s beginning anew and going clean slate for what’s to come in 2020.

Backed by atmospheric noise, ominous piano melodies, and tripping beats co-crafted with Jayson Dezuzio, Skylar slinks her way into a sexy-yet-sinister striptease with “Dark Thoughts” – basically, think Lindsay‘s pole dance in I Know Who Killed Me.

I get off thinking ’bout you with someone else / Yeah, I go crazy / And just because I’m laughing / Don’t mean that I ain’t havin’ these dark thoughts,” she confesses. Honestly, anyone who’s ever logged onto a sex app should be wholly unfazed by these depression and hormone-fueled fantasies – you’re far from alone, Skylar.

Even if this is more laidback offering than some of her more straightforward pop hits, those melodic moans (“Oh-oh-OH, oh-oh-oh…“) only prove she’s pretty incapable of penning a non-earworm – this’ll simmer in your brain.

The seductive song could exist beautifully within a downtempo playlist made up of the likes of BANKS, The Weeknd, Post Malone, Rihanna‘s ANTI and Lykke Li‘s trap-pop depression opus, so sad, so sexy – the stuff of a somber striptease and/or 3:30 a.m. night drive, basically.

The accompanying video looks how the song feels, as Skylar unabashedly twirls ’round entirely naked, casting Flashdance chair dance shadows and casually wielding weapons while doing so, including a knife and a rifle. Hey, we’re all coping with self-isolation in different ways.

So go ahead: grab a chair, and start indulging in those dark thoughts of your own with Skylar.

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