Billie Eilish Katharine McPhee

Billie Eilish Is a Katharine McPhee Stan

Billie says “Over It” soundtracked her childhood. 2020 is just keeping us all on our…open toes.

Billie Eilish might not know what a Van Halen is, but she does feel the McPheever for the “Black Horse and a Cherry Tree”-crooning Season 5 runner-up of American Idol, which only tells me one thing: she was raised right.

If you didn’t know, Billie and her dad co-host an Apple Music radio show called dad & me radio, a cute radio show about…well, Billie and her dad. And on Episode 4 of the series released on Friday (July 17), Billie and her dad discussed Billie’s childhood, and the songs that impacted their life together.

And it kicks off with….Katharine McPhee‘s “Over It.”

Billie’s father first explained that he found the song on a (cough) illegal downloading service like Limewire – or at least, part of it: a 40-second, pitched-up version of the song that they listened to on a burned CD during car trips (dads of stars – they’re just like us!), until someone finally realized they should probably just find the actual full song.

“I think I was 12 or 13…and dad was playing this 40-second version. It was the chorus, that’s all there really was, and the chorus has this beautiful melody. One of those melodies that makes you feel something. I’m such a melody whore. I just…God, melodies really get me, and this one really got me, and got dad too. We found the song, and it’s been one of my top songs for years. I just think about my dad the whole time because we found it together. It’s a great message going on. It’s gotten me through some stuff when I was a little sad 13 year old upset about all the wrong things…she speaks only facts in this song.”

And honestly, did Billie Thee Eyelash lie even a little bit?

“Over It” is a bonafide early 2007 smash, and one hell of a lead single from a solid pop debut album, from the mighty Billy Steinberg and Josh Alexander – the same collaborators behind JoJo‘s “Too Little Too Late,” Fefe Dobson‘s “Don’t Let It Go To Your Head” and Nicole Scherzinger‘s “Don’t Hold Your Breath” – it’s an actual Legends Only affair.

But does the When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? Gen Z icon go just as hard for Hysteria? We’ll have to find out on the next episode, perhaps.

And there you have it: the latest addition to your “Damn, I Didn’t Have This One on My 2020 Bingo Card” rolodex. What a fucking year. What a time to be alive. 2020, forever keeping us on our…open toes.

Click here to listen to the full episode.

Graciously, Katharine – or her gay social media intern, maybe – also snipped out Billie’s words in this video.

Photo credit: Darkroom/Interscope/19 Recordings

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