Fleetwood Mac The Alternate Rumours
The Alternate Rumours
Format: LP
Label: Rhino/Warner Records
Quantity: 16000
The album of alternate takes mirroring the original album, from the Rumours deluxe edition. Alternate takes include early versions and alternate versions for “Gold Dust Woman”, “The Chain”, “Don’t’ Stop”, “Dreams” and “Second Hand News”. On vinyl for the very first time. Side 1 – 1. SECOND HAND NEWS (Alternate) 2.DREAMS (Alternate) 3.NEVER GOING BACK AGAIN (Acoustic Duet) 4.DON’T STOP (Alternate) 5.GO YOUR OWN WAY (Alternate) 6.SONGBIRD (Alternate) Side 2 – 1. THE CHAIN (DEMO) 2. YOU MAKE LOVING FUN (ALTERNATE) 3. I DON’T WANT TO KNOW (EARLY TAKE) 4. OH DADDY (EARLY TAKE) 5. GOLD DUST WOMAN (EARLY TAKE)




The legacy of witchy rock goddess Stevie Nicks is so enduring, her voice is still floating up regularly in 2020 – on Dua Lipa remix albums, and as a viral hit on TikTok with Fleetwood’s iconic “Dreams.” Take an alternate listen to the classics, available for the first time on vinyl. Legendary.

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