The festivities in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the debut of the Queen of K-pop™ herself, BoA, continue.

Ahead of the official debut date of the upside-down walking Girl on Top herself, SM Entertainment has launched an official BoA account (@BoASMTown) that promises to share more of the superstar we’ve come to love over the past decades, with more exciting news still to come.

To kick off the launch, SM provided us with some seriously adorable throwback photos from the earliest days of her debut. She must be around 13 or 14 in these photos – absolutely precious. We’ve got some official hashtags for the celebration too: “#BoA_Still_Our_No1 #Happy_BoA_20th_Anniversary #20years_with_BoA #Our_Beloved_BoA.”

As we already know, SM also launched an Our Beloved BoA series, featuring their current roster covering some BoA classics and deep cuts. Two songs are already out now: “Atlantis Princess” by BOL4, and “Garden in the Air” by Baekhyun.

All of this is seriously bringing on the high school nostalgia and taking me back to my YesAsia days. In fact, for fans of the physical CD experience, there are still a ton of her older records available, including her debut and the very reason for the current season, ID; Peace B. Go dig around and grab a part of history!

Photo credit: SM Entertainment

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