Medina In and Out Of Love

Medina, Danish Queen of Pop, Returns With “In and Out of Love”

The Danish diva returns with an absolute banger.

Welcome (back) to Medina.

For those of you less versed in the movers and shakers of Danish pop, the legendary Medina Danielle Oona Valbak is one of the reliable heavy-hitters on the scene for over a decade now, including 2008’s Danish No. 1 “Kun for mig,” which later became her English-language crossover hit “You and I,” “Addiction” and “Forever,” as well as her 2017 M-22 collaboration “First Time,” a U.K. Top 20.

She’s got a handful of Top 10 studio albums in Danish and English (including 2010’s Welcome to Medina – get into it immediately if you haven’t already), and well over a dozen No. 1 hits in Denmark to her name – Danish Legends Only, truly.

At last, Medina’s returned with her latest English-language offering “In and Out of Love” on Friday (September 25) and, surprising to absolutely no one, it’s yet another smash under her belt. (And yes, Melanie C just put out a song of the same name a few months ago – different icon, same title.)

It’s a solid Euro dance floor throbber – who could expecting anything less from Medina? – and once that chorus lands, it’s a done deal: “Why do I feel like I’m falling in, I’m falling in and out of love?” she monotones across the thumping pulse. So good.

The track was crafted with longtime collaborators, pop production team Providers (Jeppe Federspiel and Rasmus Stabell) as well as singer-songwriter Viktoria Hansen, who very iconically penned The Saturdays‘ “For Myself,” Aggro Santos and Kimberly Wyatt‘s “Candy” and Girls Can’t Catch‘s Echo” among other songs, which should inspire an absolute panic in a very select group of people.

The accompanying video finds Medina creeping in the backseat as various couples (including one lesbian pair – LGBTQ warrior!) pile into the vehicle and fall in and out of love right in front of our very eyes. Also, love that she’s kept her Medina logo along for the ride.

“We’ve all been there,” Medina says of her “In and Out of Love.”

“Here’s a song about my love for the industry. Been through so much over the years as an artist, ups and downs. But no matter what, my love for music will never change. I might be in and out of love, but never gone.”

Evidently, our Medina has fallen back in love with the industry at the moment. And for that, we are truly blessed.

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