The Saturdays Finest Selection

The Saturdays’ Entire Discography Is Finally on Streaming

Every morsel of The Saturdays’ brilliant discography is finally on streaming.

The Saturdays have all the hits. And now, so do we.

In fact, during their short-but-sweet reign in just over five years time ever since opening for Girls Aloud on the Tangled Up Tour, Frankie Bridge (née Sandford), Una Healy, Rochelle Humes (née Wiseman), Mollie King and Vanessa White, managed to notch four Top 10 records, over a dozen Top 10 hits – from their debut single “If This is Love” in 2008 through to 2013’s glorious “Disco Love” – and even launched a fascinating U.S. crossover attempt in the form of E!’s Chasing the Saturdays, giving their vers sex anthem “What About Us” (“put me in control / we can switch roles“) a brief moment on the U.S. dance charts.

The girls tied together their output in the form of Finest Selection: The Greatest Hits in 2014, including their MNEK and Tove Lo co-written “What Are You Waiting For?” And that’s the full story – for now, at least.

Their discography is absolutely, unstoppably, n-n-notoriously rock solid, dud-free, girl group electro-pop fare – and frank(ie)ly, deeply underrated.

Over the past several weeks, someone over at Polydor with a resumé that says they’re a bad girl, in the interest of the preservation of pop in mind (or just bored in quarantine), has mercifully made it their life’s work (work, you know you gotta…) to upload each and every Sats release on streaming – the singles, the remixes, the bonus tracks and all the rarities along the way – leading all the way up to their final single, as of Friday (September 4).

It’s more than many similarly established pop troupes have done with their own collections (looking at you, Girls Can’t Catch), and an absolutely appreciated gesture for the pop nerds who can’t be bothered to go dig back into their iCloud to find that fierce “Greatest Hits” megamix. (That’s now available too, by the way.)

Have a sit-down with your ego, lift it, lift it higher and get all fired up, because this is when your heart takes over: check it all out on Spotify / Apple Music.

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