CLC Helicopter

CLC Take Flight in Their ‘Helicopter’

Look up in the sky: CLC take it higher with their empowering anthem, ‘Helicopter.’

CL comeback? Maybe, hopefully. CLC comeback? Look up in the sky.

One year after the release of their last single (“Devil”) and mini-album (No.1), the ladies of CLC are officially back with a fierce burst of electro-empowerment: “Helicopter,” a rallying cry of encouragement from seven Girls On Top.

The trap-pop electro anthem finds the sensational septet powerfully leading the charge: “I go up, helicopter / Then I make hella noise for the take off / I go up, helicopter / Never give up like a pilot,” they declare on the track, released in both Korean and English on Tuesday (September 2).

I’ll figure it out / ‘Cause all my idols made it look so easy / And if they made it all that far / Then I can be a star / And I’ll shine for everyone who’s with me here,” the girls confidently declare on the track, co-written by a small army of hit-makers including BreadBeat, Hyuk Shin, Jisoo Park (153/Joombas), Yoon Kyung Jo, Michel “Lindgren” Schulz (Dua Lipa‘s “Good in Bed,” BTS‘s “Boy With Luv”), and Britney‘s “Mood Ring” co-writer Melanie Fontana, as well as CLC member Yeeun.

“Helicopter” is definitely ideal for getting hype in the final few minutes of those at-home workout routines: it’s the sound of one last lap in the run, or squeezing out an extra rep in a set before hitting the wall – or whatever else you’re doing that requires an added push of positive energy.

The girls give us plenty of dazzling, militant moves in tight configurations in the glossy accompanying music video, full of fancy light fixtures and futuristic projections, ending with a powerful message: “The journey never ends.”

It’s a strong showing of star power, confidence and determination from the girl group, who’ve been keeping their eye on the prize in the highly competitive K-pop game since 2015. (Well, technically 2016 with the addition of Elkie and Eunbin rounding them out to become the CLC we know today.)

“Helicopter” feels like an entirely fitting anthem from CLC, who’ve kept on with their steady grind to the top for half a decade. They’re giving us that encouraging and uplifting energy, so let’s give it right back with our love and support, especially as they kill it with these live music show performances – and we should all apply for our pilot’s licenses while we’re at it.

Never give up!

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Photo credit: Cube Entertainment

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