Caroline Polachek Pang The Gate Door Extended

Caroline Polachek Provides a Mix For Your Next 10-Minute Meditation

Get lost in the lush sound of ‘Pang’ reimagined.

Caroline Polachek‘s Pang was one of 2019’s most critically hailed musical delights, including “Door,” “Ocean of Tears” and “So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings,” presumably named after the comment I leave under every one of Maluma‘s posts on Instagram.

In celebration of the fantastic record’s one year anniversary, Caroline just released an mammoth 10-minute extended mix of its all-too-short intro “The Gate” on Monday (October 19), co-crafted by Oneohtrix Point Never and co-executive producer Danny L Harle.

And if you’ve also burned through all your tried-and-true guided meditations to listen to before bed, you’re in luck: this gorgeous work ought to do the trick to bring you blissfully out of this world and into an ethereal new realm.

The new production also draws from familiar melodies and sounds scattered all throughout Pang, making this essentially a gorgeous overview of the record as a whole.

“In the original version of the song, the closing lyric (‘finally there’s a way / to be both free and safe‘) are the words I’m waiting to hear, but never do. The extended version of the song then is a sort of parallel universe or alternate ending, where those words not only arrive, but ring true,” she says.

The production is accompanied by a video crafted by artist Ezra Miller, which combines 3D landscapes with “AI programming trained on Yves Tanguy and J.M.W. Turner paintings to create the video’s abstract visual landscapes.”

Settle in and watch if you really want to get lost in the lushness and take some time out from the world.

Pang is available on vinyl and CD formats.

This mix is featured on the MuuTunes: The Comedown Spotify playlist.

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Photo credit: Columbia Records

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