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“Time”: Cassie Crafts a Sultry Banger With Black Coffee

It’s about “Time.”

Few of our favorites know more about taking their time than Cassie.

Although she’s only ever released one studio album officially (15 years ago now, I know), one stellar mixtape (Rock-A-Bye Baby, which needs to hit streaming already) and an endless stream of leaks so beloved that they came lovingly bundled as an unofficial album trilogy at one point (Justice for “Skydiver” forever), the icy-R&B princess has always managed to deliver quality over quantity time after time again.

“Love a Loser”? Essential. “Obvious”? Incredible. “Don’t Play It Safe”? Absolutely. And “King of Hearts”? Arguably one of the best songs of the 2010s.

Cassie always seems to pop up as a welcome surprise, as opposed to providing a massive spectacle. That’s just her style. And this “Time” around is no exception.

South African dance floor superstar Black Coffee released his record called Subconsciously on Friday (February 5), featuring an array of talent, including Pharrell, Diplo, Celeste, David Guetta and Usher. And, of course, none other than the “Me & U” pioneer herself.

If “King of Hearts” was Cassie’s dance floor-filling masterpiece, “Time” feels like a grown-up, slowed-down continuation of the club experience into the after hours: still sultry, still hypnotic, dripping in seductive vocals, tingles of piano and a sexy pulse that begs to be put on permanent replay long into the night.

Your love stays inside of me / Don’t rush, take your time with me,” she tempts.

It’s yet another stellar addition to the deeply, deeply underappreciated Cassie catalog.

And if you’d like to go even further back in time, check out my interview with Cassie from back in 2012.

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Photo Credit: Jorden Keith

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