Victoria Monet F.U.C.K.

Victoria Monét Wants to Be Your Next “F.U.C.K.”

A friend you can keep, that is.

It’s February, which means it’s nearly Valentine’s Day, which means – well, nothing at all, especially not in the middle of a pandemilovato.

In any case, Victoria Monét is in a baby-making kind of mood. Which makes sense, as she is now very, very pregnant and could give birth any day now – she needs your help with a Push Playlist, in fact.

The “thank u, next” superstar singer-songwriter’s track arrives just after the birth of her other baby: the fantastic Jaguar collection last year, including one of the year’s most criminally underappreciated disco-tinged anthems, “Experience.” (In a parallel universe, this song was No. 1 for fifty fucking weeks)

“F.U.C.K.” was written by Victoria and produced by Jaguar collaborator D’Mile, and in case the title wasn’t enough of a tell, this one’s made for the Silk Sheets playlist.

Might not be the one but I’m definitely the prototype / Let’s get down and get it on the floor,” she seduces across the R&B slow groove, which conjures some classic Janet Jackson at her sultry bedroom banger best.

The slinky cut features spacey synth flourishes and sexy electric guitar strums, as well as numerous convincing come-ons (“I’m just tryna jump your bones, we don’t gotta jump the broom, you know“), proving especially appealing to all the astrologists listening. (“Plus it’s a go, just according to the horoscopes, lookin’ like the stars align for life.“)

And as for that title? What? It’s innocent! “I wanna be a friend you can keep (F.U.C.K., yeah, a friend you can keep, oh, oh),” she coos, providing the best alternative to outright saying “fuck me” since Britney‘s “If U Seek Amy.”

“‘F.U.C.K’ is a nod to the millennial and Gen Z mindset. We do not have to be confined to traditional commitment ideals, and instead, embody the freedom to be intimate when and with whom we mutually please! I wanted to give that non-binding friendship intimacy an official name…the way we see it, if you’re never in a relationship, you technically can never break up. It’s forever fun, it’s playful, it happens. So…F.U.C.K it!” she says of the song.

Consider this a perfect new addition to that playlist you listen to when it’s safer to hang out with all your…friends you can keep.

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Photo credit: Dana Trippe

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