‘The Whole Damn Show Megamix’: Girls Aloud Give Us a Pregame Playlist Before the Big Tour

The girls give us hits and fan favorites all tangled up before The Show begins.

Nobody sees the show, not ’til their heart says so. Which is in approximately…a few hours.

Ahead of opening night of The Girls Aloud Show, the first Girls Aloud tour in over a decade (it really doesn’t matter how much you write it out, it still doesn’t feel real), the Almighty Aloud have another gift for us gift-wrapped kitty cats – in the form of a megamix.

On Friday (May 17), Nadine Coyle, Nicola Roberts, Kimberley Walsh, Cheryl Tweedy Cole Fernandez-Versini Almost Payne Now Cheryl Just Cheryl, and our beloved Sarah Harding in spirit will all be taking the stage at 3Arena in Dublin, Ireland. (And yes, all parties involved remembered to bring their passports.)

And to help out the Alouders who wanna party (but they’ve got no soul), we’ve got The Whole Damn Show Megamix, a collection of 27 of the biggest Aloud hits and deep cuts, all mixed by Julian Gingell and Barry Stone, otherwise known as production duo The Alias.

Both an homage to their classic “The Show” and perhaps also to Tangled Up deep cut “Crocodile Tears” (“You could be the power that’s stealing the whole damn show”), the megamix includes most of the Aloud essentials, from “Sound of the Underground” to “Biology” to “Something New” – and a few prized wish list items sprinkled in as well. (For me, that’s “The Loving Kind” B-side-turned-instant fan favorite “Memory Of You,” which is arguably No. 1 on my dream set list picks.)

Of course, I have my small nitpicks as a stan: we really could have swapped out “I Think We’re Alone Now” for something new(er) to be celebrated: “Every Now and Then,” specifically – which feels crucial. And we know they don’t love “Long Hot Summer,” so we could have dug up a deeper one out of the discography, like “Close to Love,” “Waiting,” “Fling” or “Watch Me Go.” (It’s also no “Fling My Soul Overboard” mashup, but it’s good.)

Still, we did get “Girl Overboard” included – a dream! – and of course, the Holy Grail shoulda-been-a-single itself, “Graffiti My Soul,” which better wind up on that tour set list tonight.

Fans are speculating about whether this is also the tour’s set list, given that it’s called The Whole Damn Show and all, but I still have my doubts about a few of the choices. Only a few hours left to go to find out!

As a certain record-breaking girl group might declare: here we go.

Not only is the megamix available now on streaming, but it will be released as a limited 12″ ultra clear vinyl on August 2, which you can pre-order now.

The songs featured are…

Love Machine
Something New
Call The Shots
Sexy! No No No…
Wake Me Up
On The Metro
The Show
Something Kinda Ooooh
Memory Of You
I Think We’re Alone Now
Girl Overboard
Can’t Speak French
The Promise
No Good Advice
Sound Of The Underground
Graffiti My Soul
Long Hot Summer
The Loving Kind
I’ll Stand By You

Check out the MuuTunes Spotify playlist. You can also subscribe on Apple Music.

Photo credit: Polydor

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