Amy Winehouse CD Box Set

Two Big Amy Winehouse Box Sets Are Coming This Holiday Season

Amy Winehouse's legacy is being honored with some beautiful new collections.

The late legend, who tragically passed away at the age of 27 back in 2011, left us with some of the most timeless tracks of our generation in the all-too-short span of her incredible career. And now, her discography is being lovingly reissued in some really gorgeous new editions.

Amy Winehouse Vinyl Box Set

The first, called 12x7: The Singles Collection, is a 7" singles box set complete with every Amy Winehouse single - from Frank to Back to Black to her posthumous Lioness: Hidden Treasures, including "Stronger Than Me," "Rehab" and "Love is a Losing Game," as well as "Body & Soul" with Tony Bennett.

The singles are housed in individual picture sleeves and pressed on black vinyl, and come inside of a deluxe box that also features a 20-page lyrics booklet and a set of art cards. It's available for pre-order now.

Amy Winehouse Vinyl Box Set

And then, there's The Collection, a 5-CD set featuring all three of her records: Frank, Back to Black and Lioness: Hidden Treasures, as well as Live in London, a 2007 concert set recorded at Shepherd's Bush Empire in London, and a set of remixes from her first two albums, including cuts like Hot Chip's "Rehab" remix and the Kardinal Beats mix of "Love Is a Losing Game." This is also the first time that the Live in London and remix set will appear on CD. This release is also available for pre-order now.

Much love, always and forever, to Amy.

Click inside to see the complete tracklistings for each release.

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Kylie Minogue Jessie Ware Podcast Table Manners

"There's Not Much I Haven't Ridden": Kylie Minogue & Jessie Ware Wine & Dine

Jessie Ware has not only one of the best albums of the year in the form of What's Your Pleasure?, but one of the most enjoyable podcasts as well: Table Manners, alongside her charming and oft-hilarious mother, Lennie.

Kylie Minogue is not only an almighty pop icon and soon-to-be haver of one of the other best albums of the year in the form of Disco (hopefully), but also a budding sommelier, having just launched an already successful line of wines, Wines by Kylie Minogue.

Together, the two make for dream dinner party guests - and that, more or less, is the experience of listening to the two chat over splashes, cooking noises, chirping birds (!) and nostalgic storytelling on the latest episode of Table Manners.

A lifelong stan, Jessie and her mother can barely contain their excitement as they lovingly bombard the Impossible Princess from the get-go with their questions about her prolific career - from Neighbours with Jason Donovan to the "Spinning Around" 50p gold lame hot pants. And yes, there are even guinea pigs involved.

In fact, sometimes Jessie's almost too nice, at one point asking if Kylie's got any career regrets, but then kindly giving her a pass on providing any of the specific details. (No, we need the dirt! Which single selection is Kylie kicking herself about late at night?)

Refusing to put Kylie on the spot aside, the banter is all very fun and friendly and heartwarming, as Kylie recalls her earliest days of breaking into the entertainment industry, with young sis Dannii Minogue dominating Young Talent Time as she recorded her first demos, including Donna Summer's “Dim All the Lights” - hello, Disco!

Kylie also discusses writing in the early days with "the "Hit Factory," Mike Stock, Matt Aitken, and Pete Waterman, and eventually finding her way into the writing room and becoming more hands-on with her music over the years, as well as the ways the industry's since changed.

In another moment of standom, Jessie marvels at Kylie's massive pop concert productions, like flying into stadiums on top of giant props.

"This is going to come out wrong...there's not much I haven't ridden," Kylie responds.

"The angel, the horse, you name it, in stupid heels and trying to sing at the same time."

Cowboy style with a peaceful smile indeed, Miss Minogue.

Kylie also gets candid about the rush of adrenaline from touring, and feeling the high for about two weeks after a tour until crashing into the post-tour depression, as well as the withdrawal from not being able to attain those adrenaline peaks at all in 2020, given the current global circumstances. She's hungry to put on a show and feel that feeling again, needless to say.

Jessie and Kylie don't dabble too, too much into Disco tidbits, although Kylie gets to pat herself on the back for her vocal engineering skills, which we know she's acquired while in lockdown - to the point where she's even giving herself a credit on the record. Jessie also reveals that she's heard the album, and says there are French disco influences, like Daft Punk.

Kylie gives the love right back and gushes over What's Your Pleasure?, to which Jessie explains she was doing her best Kylie impression on the title track - and then Kylie chastises her for not just calling her up to collaborate on the song or write together. The time is now, Jessie: Kylie's literally in your kitchen. Make the arrangements. This needs to happen.

Oh, and as for the forthcoming plans to hit the road...if it's ever allowed: "My dream would be to perform in the round, have the world's biggest disco ball above, and make it a big love fest," Kylie says of her dream tour for Disco.

And as for her own dream dinner guests? Well. At least we now know that Kylie is very, very horny for Paul Newman. ("He's the one!")

Do yourselves a big favor, in between your listening sessions of The Meaning of Mariah Carey, and have a listen to two of this year's dance floor saviors immersed in a wonderful conversation.

What's Your Pleasure? was released in June. Disco will be released on November 6.

Annie Streets Where I Belong Video

"The Streets Where I Belong": Annie Captures the Feeling of Moving Back Home

"I let the music take me home to the streets where I belong."

Hey Annie, well...look at you.

It's been 16 years since the Norwegian crooner first burst onto the scene with 2004's critically hailed Anniemal, chock full of instant classics like "Heartbeat," "Me Plus One" and, of course, "Chewing Gum."

A lot has changed since those dancing days. And lately, Annie's looking back.

"The Streets Where I Belong" is the latest offering from Annie's forthcoming record Dark Hearts, a more cinematic, moody venture than the effervescent dance-pop of her debut, 2009's follow-up Don't Stop, "Anthonio," and all the fierce EPs and one-offs she's supplied ever since.

This latest release is also, possibly, her Most Personal Release to Date - and that's a great way, rest assured.

"Annie, Annie, they're playing our song, and for a moment I'm transported to where I'm from," she wistfully croons across the driving, '80s-inspired synth pulse, best built for a contemplative night drive.

"Teenage lovers, when we were young / All of the parties under the midnight sun / That's when I met the love of my life / He was a DJ and we danced all through the night / Tell me, tell me, why did you go? / I can still hear our songs on the radio..."

The song is beautifully nostalgic and largely self-referential, from the opening "Annie, Annie" (her self-callouts date all the way back to "Chewing Gum") to "our songs on the radio," a nod to "Songs Remind Me of You."

Annie recalls her teenage days in Bergen, Norway where she fell in love with Tore Kroknes, also known as DJ Erot. The two worked together on her debut in 1999 with "Greatest Hit," the Madonna-sampling underground club hit that eventually kicked off her career. Sadly, her boyfriend - who was born with a heart condition - fell ill, and passed away shortly thereafter at just 23 years old.

"After that, I was so depressed I just wasn't able to do anything. I stayed at home, away from everyone, completely in my own world. I wanted to make the album with Tore—that was the plan. After he died I just didn't think I had the heart. But then I thought, 'Right, you're really depressed now but you have to make this album. Tore would be quite pissed off if you just stopped doing anything," she told Clubbing Magazine.

Deeper into the song, Annie fills out the verses with tales of the faces and places she grew up with and their respective fates, either in abandoning local life or staying put, from the rock star to the poor beauty queen next door who met an untimely demise.

"She used to tell me, 'Annie, don't stay / Go sing your songs, or if not you'll fade away.'"

"Walking through the city where you grew up. Coming back to Bergen after spending almost 10 years in Berlin. 'The Streets Where I Belong' is one of the more personal songs on the album. Inspired by Bruce Springsteen. Moving back home was both great, but also left me with a bit of a sentimental feeling, thinking of all the things I experienced growing up in Bergen. Stories of love, stories of loss. A song that is really about going home," she explains of the song.

Despite being penned with Annie's own experience in mind, "The Streets Where I Belong" is an entirely fitting and relatable anthem for the present moment, considering the way many people have also returned to their own hometowns, often by necessity (myself included), capturing the familiar, yet haunting feeling of settling back into old routines once again.

How much, and how very little, has changed.

Dark Hearts will be released on October 16.

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Miley Cyrus Heart of Glass Blondie Cover

Miley Cyrus Unleashes Her 'Heart of Glass' Cover

Miley's 2020 iHeartRadio Music Festival performance is the gift that keeps on giving.

After supplying us with a surprise rendition of Can't Be Tamed's "Who Owns My Heart?" for the first time in a decade in the set - along with an adult recreation of her music video for the backdrop, which she just released as an official visual - the 27-year-old "Rooting for My Baby" rowdy rebel just dropped the recording of her cover of Blondie's 1979 classic "Heart of Glass."

Given Miley's current Joan Jett-Debbie Harry-Annie Lennox aesthetic at the moment, her choice of cover couldn't be more fitting for her gravelly rasp and rock grrrl wails.

As "Midnight Sky" and all of the live performances of this era have proven thus far, this present moment is shaping up to be Miley's best to date, and she is truly coasting down a lane that fits her voice and vibe just right. Ride on, Miss Cyrus.

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Romy The xx Lifetime

The xx's Romy Makes Her Solo Debut of a "Lifetime"

Over the past decade or so, The xx have carved out a niche with their brand of dreamy indie-pop: whisper-soft vocals across emotional sonic landscapes, from "Crystalised" to "Angels" to "On Hold" - as well as their massive "Intro," which went on to provide the pensive backdrop for Rihanna's "Drunk on Love."

Now, frontwoman Romy Madley Croft is making her solo move, and kicking the BPM up a notch.

On Tuesday (September 29), Romy released her debut solo single, called "Lifetime."

The song was written and recorded during lockdown in London, inspired by the dream of being reunited with loved ones and rejoicing about being together once again, and "being totally in the moment and celebrating it."

As opposed to the more chill vibes of her band's most well-known work, "Lifetime" is inspired by Romy's love of club music and DJing. Aside from being a co-writer on The xx's three studio albums to date, she's also an established songwriter in her own right, and her name's appeared on the credits of multiple pop and dance hits, including Kelela's "Better" and Dua Lipa's "Electricity" with Silk City.

Accordingly, "Lifetime" throbs with an pulse and ecstatic energy more closely aligned to acts like MUNA, Carly Rae Jepsen and CHVRCHES, but sacrifices none of Romy's signature tender crooning and emotional lyricism that flows throughout The xx's output.

"If you’re ever lonely / If you can’t find the way / If this world comes to an end / I wanna be there with you," she pledges on the nostalgia-inducing ode to living in the moment, playing like a montage of euphoric memories from the past.

"This song was written and recorded in lockdown. I’ve been thinking a lot about how short life is and how quickly things can change…my intention with this song is to celebrate life, togetherness, to appreciate the moment before it’s gone. I think subconsciously the upbeat energy of the song is a reaction to the stillness and anxiety I was feeling in lockdown. I was missing the pace of the outside world, spontaneous moments, the euphoria of dance floors, of love and connections with my friends and family. I realised when everything was stripped back, simple moments of togetherness, meant the most to me. I’ve always loved club classics that unite a room, big emotional dance songs, that you can sing along to as well. I’m excited to have the opportunity to show my love for dance music with 'Lifetime,'" she explained.

According to the press release, "Lifetime" was co-produced by Fred again.. and Marta Salogni, and although it "stops short of the full blown celebration of club classics, Ibiza house and trance that Romy hinted at via an intimate Instagram performance earlier this year, it’s without doubt the start of a transition in that direction."

"Lifetime" is already exciting enough in its own right as a campaign kick-off, but the promise of an even more fleshed-out foray onto the dance floor still to come? I'll be right beside you indeed, Romy.

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Photo credit: Vic Lentaigne

BLACKPINK The Album Tracklisting

BLACKPINK Reveal 'The Album' Tracklisting

Four years after Boombayah-ing onto the scene, BLACKPINK's eternally delayed debut album - The Album, if you're nasty - is finally just days away.

Following an endless array of teaser photos and videos, as per the usual K-pop rollout, the girls - individually Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rosé - just dropped the highly anticipated tracklisting for The Album on Monday (September 28),which is...eight songs long, and includes two previously released singles. But still!

The Album includes their YouTube record-shattering "How You Like That," as well as their sugary-sweet collaboration with Selena Gomez, "Ice Cream." And there's one more collaboration included in the bunch - and you're going to need a bucket and a mop.

That's right: none other than Bartier Bardi herself, Miss Cardi B, guests on the troupe's "Bet You Wanna," which was co-crafted with Ryan Tedder.

Yeah, you fucking with some Wet Ass BLACKPINKussy. (BARDIPINK in your areaaaaaaa...)

And that's not all! There's also the title track "Lovesick Girls," which was co-penned by Jisoo and Jennie, and co-produced by David Guetta. Plus, there's "Pretty Savage," "Crazy Over You," "Love to Hate Me" and "You Never Know."

Here's hoping The Album will be The Smash of 2020 - and then comes the Netflix documentary later in October. Exciting stuff all around for the BLINKs.

The Album will be released in CD form in four different versions on October 2.

Dua Lipa Welcomes Us to 'The Levitating Experience'

Dua Lipa is keeping the Future Nostalgia coming all year long.

After dropping her Album of the Year contender and supplying the superstar-filled Club Future Nostalgia remix album in August, the 25-year-old pop superstar, affectionately also known as Miss Dula Peep, returns this Friday (October 2) with The Levitating Experience.

Sure, "Levitating" already got the remix, video and accidental album art leak treatment once with Madonna and Missy "Actually Showed Up for the Music Video" Elliott. But why stop now?

This time teaming up with DaBaby, Dua's blasting off into space, courtesy of the not-yet-banned TikTok, for a second go-around of the Future Nostalgia bop...and it appears a fierce new music video is on the way, too.

"The Levitating Experience will transport you to the intergalactic dance floor in the stars. Boarding on the 2nd of October, when a portal will appear in your world, providing a gateway to the levitator. Don't be afraid. Go towards the light. You may feel a slight tickle as you enter the mist. Don't be alarmed: it's all part of the fun," Dua announced in an exciting teaser video, providing just a hint of what looks like an intergalactic Tower of Terror-gone-disco experience.

It looks like fun, indeed - and that's not all!

Dua Lipa Love Is Religion

"Love Is Religion," one of the newer Future Nostalgia additions and major standouts of the remix album, is getting some virtual love - and hopefully its own single treatment someday soon, too.

"Excited to announce 'Love Is Religion' will featured in the new FIFA 21. To celebrate this, I'll be part of the world premiere on the 1st October, so stay tuned," she announced on her Instagram Story that same day.

As always in the world of Future Nostalgia, there's always more to see and Dua just around the corner.

The Future Nostalgia limited LP is available now.

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Mariah Carey Alternative Rock Album

Mariah Carey Teases 25-Year-Old Alternative Rock Album

Mariah Carey: Best Selling Female Artist of the Millennium. Five octave vocal range-commanding powerhouse vocalist of our generation. Underground alternative rock icon.

The "I'm That Chick" elusive chanteuse keeps dropping massive bombshells left and right about her life as featured in her upcoming memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey. And on Sunday (September 27), Mimi just happened to casually confirm that she recorded an entire alternative record, "just for laughs," while making 1995's Daydream.

"Fun fact: I did an alternative album while I was making Daydream 👀 Just for laughs, but it got me through some dark days. Here's a little of what I wrote about it in #TheMeaningOfMariahCarey 🤟 S/O to my friend Clarissa who performs the lead w/ me as a hidden layer #Chick #TMOMC," she announced, along with an excerpt from her book.

"I'd bring my little alt-rock song to the band and hum a silly guitar riff. They would pick it up and we would record it immediately. It was irreverent, raw, and urgent, and the band got into it. I actually started to love some of the songs. I would fully commit to my character. I was playing with the style of the breezy-grunge, punk-light white female singers who were popular at the time. You know the ones who seemed to be so carefree with their feelings and their image. They could be angry, angsty, and messy, with old shoes, wrinkled slips, and unruly eyebrows, while every move I made was so calculated and manicured. I wanted to break free, let loose and express my misery-but I also wanted to laugh. I totally looked forward to doing my alter-ego band sessions after Daydream each night."

To be clear: while Mariah was singing "Fantasy," "One Sweet Day" and "Always Be My Baby" during the daytime, she was going full Courtney Love by night.

The backstory about the making of her Daydream alter-ego is already too much to handle, but no: she had to include a sample of the sound of her alternative album, too - and it is genuinely mind-blowing. That's Mariah wailing across hazy guitars and crashing drums.

Further digging shows that the project, released under the name Chick, actually did get a release as an album in 1995 with Epic Records, and it's called Someone's Ugly Daughter. (The album art is also in Mariah's teaser.)

The album's long since out of print and, of course, not on streaming, but there are samples of each track up on AllMusic and at least two music videos online, including Chick's cover of Cheap Trick's "Surrender," which was uploaded onto YouTube years ago.

The Lambily is just now finding everything and freaking out.

To be fair, there have been hints about the record and her secret rock inclinations along the way: about a decade ago, it was revealed that Mariah nearly provided guest vocals on Hole's Nobody's Daughter.

While I'm trying my best to avoid any further Meaning of Mariah spoilers before it arrives, she is simply making it too damn hard with each new headline-making revelation.

It goes without saying, but just in case she's unclear about the public demand: we absolutely need Chick's Someone's Ugly Daughter - otherwise known as Me. I Am Punkriah...The Elusive Rockeuse - reissued immediately, Mariah.

Photo credit: @MariahCarey

Record Store Day October 24

5 Picks for Record Store Day 2020: October 24 Edition

Why have one day when you can have three? That's right, it's still the most wonderful time(s) of the year: Record Store Day.

The annual celebration of all things 7", 12" and beyond - we're talking about vinyl here, get your heads out of the gutter - is a celebration of independent record stores, and the increasingly rare experience of holding a music product in hand, complete with tons of reissues, rarities and exclusive first-time vinyl pressings.

As a diehard lover of the physical experience of owning music - the touch and feel of the packaging, the liner notes, the artwork - as well as the hunt for an elusive collectible or unexpected rarity hidden deep in the crates, I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the holiday.

Of course, like everything else, this year's festivities are a little bit different amid the pandemic: originally planned for April 18, organizers ultimately postponed the event and decided to spread it out across three dates: August 29, September 26 and October 24. (Record Store Black Friday is also still happening on November 27.)

After making some recommended selections for the August 29 drop and the September 26 drop, I've sifted through the remaining crates of releases planned for the third and final date of 2020, and picked out my Top 5 picks that my readers would likely be most eager to track down. (You can also check out the full list of releases here.)

Happy hunting.


Medina In and Out Of Love

Medina, Danish Queen of Pop, Returns With "In and Out of Love"

Welcome (back) to Medina.

For those of you less versed in the movers and shakers of Danish pop, the legendary Medina Danielle Oona Valbak is one of the reliable heavy-hitters on the scene for over a decade now, including 2008's Danish No. 1 "Kun for mig," which later became her English-language crossover hit "You and I," "Addiction" and "Forever," as well as her 2017 M-22 collaboration "First Time," a U.K. Top 20.

She's got a handful of Top 10 studio albums in Danish and English (including 2010's Welcome to Medina - get into it immediately if you haven't already), and well over a dozen No. 1 hits in Denmark to her name - Danish Legends Only, truly.

At last, Medina's returned with her latest English-language offering "In and Out of Love" on Friday (September 25) and, surprising to absolutely no one, it's yet another smash under her belt. (And yes, Melanie C just put out a song of the same name a few months ago - different icon, same title.)

It's a solid Euro dance floor throbber - who could expecting anything less from Medina? - and once that chorus lands, it's a done deal: "Why do I feel like I'm falling in, I'm falling in and out of love?" she monotones across the thumping pulse. So good.

The track was crafted with longtime collaborators, pop production team Providers (Jeppe Federspiel and Rasmus Stabell) as well as singer-songwriter Viktoria Hansen, who very iconically penned The Saturdays' "For Myself," Aggro Santos and Kimberly Wyatt's "Candy" and Girls Can't Catch's Echo" among other songs, which should inspire an absolute panic in a very select group of people.

The accompanying video finds Medina creeping in the backseat as various couples (including one lesbian pair - LGBTQ warrior!) pile into the vehicle and fall in and out of love right in front of our very eyes. Also, love that she's kept her Medina logo along for the ride.

"We’ve all been there," Medina says of her "In and Out of Love."

"Here’s a song about my love for the industry. Been through so much over the years as an artist, ups and downs. But no matter what, my love for music will never change. I might be in and out of love, but never gone."

Evidently, our Medina has fallen back in love with the industry at the moment. And for that, we are truly blessed.

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Tove Lo Don't Say Goodbye

'Don't Say Goodbye': Tove Lo, DJ Alok & Ilkay Sencan Unite for a Banger

"Ain't going home tonight unless you come with me..."

Tove Lo is talking international body.

Given the current state of things, traveling doesn't exactly seem like a top priority at the moment. Luckily, our 32-year-old Swedish Sunshine Kitty sensation is bringing the globe directly to our ears in the form of a cross-cultural collaboration, called "Don't Say Goodbye," released Friday (September 25).

The club banger was crafted between Brazil's DJ Alok (oh yes, we absolutely will be RTing for Brazil) and Turkish producer Ilkay Sencan. And the song is all about...well, hoping you won't say goodbye at the end of the night.

"Don't say goodbye, bye, bye, bye, bye / Stay one more night, night, night, night, night / You make it right, right, right / Don't say goodbye, bye, bye," Tove emotionally pleads across the thumping chorus.

It's a very '00s blast of club energy (remember clubs?) and, as someone pointed out in the YouTube comments of the lyric video, is "very September and Cascada." Sold, right?

"‘Don’t Say Goodbye’ is such a hypnotic banger of a track. I'm so happy that Alok and Ilkay wanted me to be a part of this cause I think we did some real dance magic here. One of the most productive things I did in lockdown too, we recorded it remotely across LA, São Paulo, and Istanbul in the spring. Can't wait to be able to play it for all of you, and be able to dance together again to it... soon please," Tove says of the track.

“I have always loved Tove Lo’s versatility as an artist and how she’s so hands-on with her own production. When I heard she wanted to be involved in the production of this track, I was excited to see how she would put her own spin on the single. Tove, Ilkay and I put a lot of hard work and dedication into 'Don’t Say Goodbye' and I hope it becomes part of people’s normal listening routine as it has for us," adds Alok.

“It’s been a great experience working with Alok and Swedish songstress Tove Lo on the song, and even though we have been working from different continents, I believe the end result is the reason why it sounds so cool and unique. I hope that people will feel the same good vibe as we do," Ilkay says.

"Don't Say Goodbye" is yet another addition to the list of bangers we should have been dancing to at a club this year, and will surely go down nicely as the soundtrack to flirting with your dance floor crush whenever we're all huddled in a small dark room together again.

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Miley Cyrus Who Owns My Heart?

Miley Cyrus Drops the 'Who Owns My Heart' 2020 Backdrop

"Am I into you, or is the music to blame?"

Miley Cyrus is in a very giving mood, evidently.

After absolutely owning (her heart) at this year's socially distanced iHeartRadio Music Festival, including her cover of Blondie's "Heart of Glass," the 27-year-old "Midnight Sky" belter has gone and given the Smilers a lasting gift from the all-too-short set: the incredible backdrop from her "Who Owns My Heart" performance.

Ten years after the release of Can't Be Tamed in 2010 (and, subsequently, "Who Owns My Heart" as a single in October of that year), Miley gave the under-appreciated Rock Mafia banger some long overdue justice in the form of a rocky, revamped 2020 makeover for the song's first live performance in about a decade.

And she didn't stop there, either: for the accompanying backdrop, Miley recreated her curlers look from the music video for a tongue-wagging, rump-shaking boudoir romp. Avert your eyes, children: this one's not meant for the Disney Channel crowd.

I wanted to believe that it was a masterpiece, but sometimes it's hard to tell in the dark, you know? Luckily, Miss Cyrus did us all a solid by uploading the visual to YouTube in HD quality on Wednesday (September 23) for her fans to enjoy it in all of its glory - and it is, indeed, one fierce nostalgia flip.

And now, just like "Midnight Sky" (and "When I Look at You," much to her chagrin), it is time to send "Who Owns My Heart" up the charts, too.

Miley Cyrus Who Owns My Heart

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