Break out the poppers and lube…It’s time for a quick go-to upon the dancefloor, B style!

First up is BitchSlapHappy‘s brutal flashing lights rendition of the track. It’s pretty club-tastic, and especially impressive given its unofficial nature. Hold on until 2:30 for a sensational explosion of repetitive bliss…Loves it!

DL: Britney Spears – Circus (BitchSlapHappy 3 Ring Circus Remix)

And, if you’re feeling a bit sassy, we’ve got the Flashlight rock remix. Lace & leather, anyone?

DL: Britney Spears – Circus (Flashlight Rock Mix)

Then there’s Bowie (not of the androgynous variety) and his “Gimme A Circus” mash-up between “Gimme More” and “Circus.” The two work surprisingly well with each other. Who knew that “Circus” could benefit so greatly from that moody backtrack? Thanks for the find, RJ!

DL: Britney Spears – Gimme A Circus (Gimme More Mash-Up)

It’s a Britney celebration, bitches…Get up on it!