The Pet Shop Boys comeback single, “Love, Etc.” has leaked onto the internets.

Here is how the first play transpired.

0:01: Oh! Dark electronica. How moody.

0:10: “You need more, you need more.” It sounds a bit like “Gimme More.” I just felt a slight tingling sensation.

0:18: What a wonderfully eerie tube sound following behind Neil’s voice!

0:29: Well, this is a rather enjoyable melod–

0:30: OH MY GOD.

0:35: OH MY GOD.

0:40: OH MY GOD.


1:40: “Too much of everything is never enough.” What a PSB lyric.

2:07: …Here it comes!


3:18: Fading out on “Don’t have to be beautiful, but it helps…” Genius.

In short, I adore it on so many levels.

“Love, Etc.” is more instant and more engaging than anything the Boys have put out in years; it simply requires to be played on repeat.

As for the melody, it’s something like if the navy boys from “Go West” gathered together for a reunion, got a bit gloomy while discussing the dire state of the economy, popped in Confessions on a Dancefloor, and just started chanting in unison, fists on high.

The album is going to be all shades of epic!

DL: Pet Shop Boys – Love Etc. (Sharebee)

I’m only keeping the link alive for 24 hours, so grab it now while you still can.

More importantly, support the Boys by clicking here to head to the Pet Shop Boys official website.