Here we go–it’s a new Iamamiwhoami video tucked away in my inbox this morning.

The title, “” translates to “O.F.F.I.C.I.N.A.R.U.M.V.” The last number is a little fuzzy though…you could add that up in a bunch of different ways.

With a quick Google, “officinarum” can be found attached to the word “mandragora,” which just happened to be the same word spelled out in the last viral video. According to the plant’s Wiki page, the mandragora officinarum (or the mandrake) is a plant often used in medicine:

Mandrake has a long history of medicinal use, though superstition has played a large part in the uses it has been applied to. It is rarely prescribed in modern herbalism[238], though it contains hyoscine which is the standard pre-operative medication given to soothe patients and reduce bronchial secretions[244]. It is also used to treat travel sickness[244].

Good to know. Any more guesses as to who’s doing this? Doesn’t look like Christina to me, nor Boots.