Jessica Sutta Roars to Top of Billboard Dance Charts with “Show Me”

Okay, so I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to write about “Show Me,” the latest single from ex-Pussycat Dolls sensation Jessica Sutta, but I deeply regret each day that has passed without proper acknowledgement. Seriously. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

But…better late than never, right?

Penned and produced by Busbee (Alexandra Burke, Girls’ Generation), “Show Me” is a throbbin’ club anthem full of pulsating synthesizers and slamming beats: “Love is not a gimme gimme/If you really with me/You gotta show me, show me,” Sutta sings during the chorus. And while Brit Brit might not agree with that first bit (MOAH?!), it’s still one hell of a catchy club cut.

In fact, The song’s already been added to the tracklisting of NOW 39 and an in-flight video on Jet Blue in November. (Now I know what airline I’m flying with if I travel next month!)

But the song hasn’t just gotten some sponsorship lovin’–it’s also climbing the charts. Really, really high! In fact, thanks to a bangin’ suite of remixes, it just peaked at #3 last week on the Billboard Dance/Club Play Songs. She’s even holding one spot above Scherzy Baby‘s “Don’t Hold Your Breath”! (Oh, you just know Melody Thornton‘s doing a secret happy dance for that one.) As a lifelong PCD devotee, I couldn’t be more pleased.

“Show Me” has already spent 9 weeks on the club charts. Will it chart even higher? Perhaps get some Hot 100 lovin’? You never know!


“Show Me” was released on August 23. (iTunes)

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