The Dolly Rockers Release Ridiculously Amazing Cover of Demi Lovato’s “Skyscraper”

With a spunky, girlish charm as infectious as the Spice Girls in their heyday and vocal chops that’d have The Saturdays and Sugababes 4.0 shaking in their stilettos, The Dolly Rockers have remained my favorite new girl group–err, girl group in the works–since Girls Aloud.

Though it’s taken them a long, long, long time to get their show on the road (over the past two years they’ve dropped one member, replaced her, and signed under RedOne‘s record label), there’s something so undeniably irresistible about the tutu wearing, bratty British trio.

To this day, I’m still listening to “Je Suis Une Dolly,” “Gold Digger”, and “Boys Will Be Boys,” which is literally one of the best pop songs (that was never even released) of the past 10 years.

Now, as Sophie, Lucie and Daniele put the finishing touches on their long, long, long awaited debut album, they’ve gone ahead and given their ever-patient fans a lovely new treat: Their first ever cover!

Click above to watch the girls take on Demi Lovato‘s devastating ballad, “Skyscraper.” As you can clearly hear within the first few seconds, it’s absolutely fantastic.

Like, almost deceptively amazing. Like, “Oh, okay. Cool. A cover. Wait, but this is–this is fucking BRILLIANT.” And those soulful harmonies? Unbelievable! Their styling, their sound…I just love them so much!

We’ve seen some rather meh UK girl groups launched over the past few years, but I wholeheartedly maintain that the Dollys will be the ones to watch in 2012. Now, who’s ready to get Dolly Rockered?

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