Last night, William Orbit took to Facebook to reflect on his hectic life during the past few weeks/months while recording in New York City with The One and Only Queen of Everything, Madonna. According to the producer, the job was done in a “nondescript” studio above a music shop just off of Times Square. Can you even believe that?

It’s really an interesting ramble in full, especially (of course) when he manages to talk about “M”:

But feeling like that we’ve part of a special moment in all of our careers. Including M’s. Who, I have to say has amazed me anew in unexpected ways during the last few months.

Orbit later reveals in the note that Madonna’s album will be mastered at the end of the month (!)–an incredibly early finish for the album. Perhaps the release date will be sooner than April or May as originally forecasted?

It was great earlier tonight to head downtown and see all the wonderful folk at my management company (AAM). Andy Kipnes (my manager) and Ross Donadio also discussed with me my new Strange Cargo album which is all but finished. And some other song projects that I will pick up one once M’s and my new album are mastered at the end of this month.

Judging by the early single selection, the early album mastering, and the overwhelming positivity buzzing around the production team working on the album, it seems as though Madonna’s entire camp is nothing less than confident about this new era. A good sign, without a doubt.

“Give Me All Your Love”–the lead single from Madge’s upcoming album–will be one of the songs performed during her Superbowl performance in February.

For now, we must (attempt to) wait patiently. This is the calm before the storm.