MuuMuse’s Most Anticipated of 2012

What’s the only thing better than reflecting on my favorite releases of the past year? Why, pondering what happens next year of course!

Below are some of MuuMuse’s Most Anticipated releases of 2012–a round-up of what we already know, what we’ve already heard, what we want to hear in the next year.

Madonna, TBA (Twelfth Studio Album)

What it is: The return of the Queen.
Expected shelf date: March 2012.
Confirmed tracks: “Gimme All Your Luvin,” “Girls Gone Wild,” “Masterpiece”
Production by: William Orbit, Jean Baptiste, Martin Solveig, Benny Benassi
What we know: The chant-ridden lead single “Gimme All Your Luvin” already leaked in demo form weeks ago, though the final version will be getting a (hopefully muscled-up) makeover with M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj when released in January. But between “Gimme” and the tender sound of W.E. closer “Masterpiece”–her best ballad in years–there’s still no telling what the actual direction is yet. Regardless, Orbit claims Madonna has amazed him “in unexpected ways” while recording.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: Madonna doing what she does best–making innovative pop music that sets the bar and stands the test of time.

Marina + The Diamonds, Electra Heart (Second studio album)

What it is: Corruption, immoral behavior, and the death of the American dream–all in a blonde wig.
Expected shelf date: 2012.
Confirmed tracks: “Fear & Loathing,” “Radioactive,” “The Archetypes”
Produced by: StarGate, Guy Sigsworth, Diplo, Greg Kurstin, Dr. Luke
What we know: It’s going to be a concept record (to some degree). As Marina told PopJustice in an interview, the album tells the tale of an American Dream-meets-Greek tragedy through a character she came up with: Electra Heart. Her StarGate-produced alt-dance pop single “Radioactive”–the second part of an ongoing video series documenting the birth of Electra Heart–was easily one of the best songs of 2011, and leaked demo “Starring Role” proved that Diamandis’ caustic writing style is still very much alive and well.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: Sharp-tongued quirk-pop with punchy beats and devastating ballads–just don’t get too mired in the concept, please.

Garbage, TBA (Fifth Album)

What it is: A rock goddess and her talented troupe finally return to save the world.
Expected shelf date: Late March/Early April 2012
Confirmed tracks: TBA
Production by: Garbage
What we know: Apart from a greatest hits package, it’s been almost seven years since Garbage’s 2005 triumph, Bleed Like Me, was released. After taking some time apart as a band (including Manson’s failed foray into crafting a solo album with Greg Kurstin and Paul Buchanan that was rejected by labels for being “too noir” and will forever remain one of the world’s greatest musical injustices), the group is back. As Butch Vig told Billboard, the album will feature “noisy guitars, big electronic beats, atmospheric film moments.” And judging by the samples that they’ve teased to fans over the past few months–they’re hitting harder than ever.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: More head-spinning electronic rock production, mind-numbingly catchy hooks and razor-sharp lyricism from the one and only Miss Manson.

Charli XCX, TBA (Debut Album)

What it is: A young Goth-pop princess on the verge of exploding.
Expected shelf date: TBD.
Confirmed tracks: “Stay Away,” “Nuclear Seasons”
Production by: Ariel Rechtshaid, Patrik Berger
What we know: The 19-year-old UK club kid’s dark, industrial 2011 buzz single “Stay Away” is easily one of my favorite songs of the year, while the bouncy, vintage ’80s sheen and crackle of lead single “Nuclear Seasons” finds the 19-year-old songstress blending elements of Marina + The Diamonds, Kate Bush and Gwen Stefani.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: Gloom ‘n’ doom beats and spooky vocals.

Ke$ha, TBA (Second Album)

What it is: The trash-pop glamazon’s long awaited follow-up.
Expected shelf date: May 2012, according to Dr. Luke.
Confirmed tracks: None
Production by: Dr. Luke, Max Martin
What we know: Earlier in the year, Ke$ha told MTV that the new album was going to be “balls-out, irreverent rock and roll.” Recent leaks like “Shots On The Hood Of My Car” and “Only Wanna Dance With You” suggest more of the same glitter-drenched party pop, although it’s unclear if they’re from recent sessions. The only definite new recording is her sobering cover of Bob Dylan‘s “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright.” Why the long wait? Simple. She has a goal: “To reinvent pop music.” Easy, right?
MuuMuse hopes to hear: Crunchy, rowdy beats and even sleazier debauchery. But even as the rough gem she is, Ke$ha shines brightest on her balladry–fingers crossed for at least one or two.

Lana Del Rey, Born To Die (Debut Album)

What it is: The end result of a whole lot of hipster hype.
Expected shelf date: January 30, 2012
Confirmed tracks: “Video Games,” Blue Jeans,” “Born To Die”
Production by: Justin Parker, Robopop
What we know: She’s been unfairly thrust into way too bright of a spotlight for only one or two songs so far (the genius “Video Games” and “Blue Jeans”) thanks to a nearly creepy obsession by indie bloggers both hailing and criticizing the singer (yes, she got her lips done–we get it). But the husky-voiced Del Rey–formerly Lizzy Grant–has since held her own, delivering yet another staggering, weepy-eyed smash with “Born To Die”–the title track off of her upcoming Interscope Records debut. With any luck, the album will follow suit.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: Sweeping, dramatic classics sung atop hip-hop beats and Western twangy noises with all the grandeur of a James Bond theme.

Miike Snow, TBA (Second Album)

What it is: One of pop’s greatest production troupes returns for another moment of left-of-center pop-rock ingenuity.
Expected shelf date: TBA
Confirmed tracks: “Devil’s Work”
Production by: Miike Snow
What we know: Andrew Wyatt and Bloodshy & Avant–here known individually as Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg, delivered one of pop’s greatest surprises with their 2009 record, Animal. After spending over a year recording, the trio returned with buzz single “Devil’s Work”–a sharp, staggering mixture of crashing drums, mighty horns and electronica. The accompanying tease of a video, featuring a man running down an empty desert highway, hints at an upcoming story to be told about the birth of a new human race. It’s weird, captivating and it’s all very promising.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: Strange Swede-pop production and poignant lyricism.

Diana Vickers, TBA (Second Album)

What it is: The delightfully darling X Factor Alum’s sophomore attempt.
Expected shelf date: TBA
Confirmed tracks: None
Production by: Donkeyboy, Amir Amor
What we know: The quirky electro-pop songstress isn’t straying far from the twinkling sound of her 2010 debut, Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree. Newly premiered buzz tracks–“Music To Make The Boys Cry” and “Kiss Of A Bullet”–suggest both bright, twinkling beats and cutting Rachel Stevens-esque synth-pop.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: More of the same winning electro-pop charm, but with new and up-and-coming producers.

Sky Ferreira, TBA (Debut Album)

What it is: Pop’s most thrilling enfant terrible finally finding her footing.
Expected shelf date: TBA
Confirmed tracks: None
Production by: TBA, presumably Bloodshy & Avant
What we know: Nothing’s guaranteed. In early 2011, Ferreira released the year’s best pop EP–As If!–boasting five crunchy, forward-thinking pop cuts like “Traces” and “99 Tears.” But between album push-backs, label misfires and her own personal rebellions, no one’s certain about the fate of a Sky Ferreira LP. The underrated chanteuse has been leaking songs left and right onto her official SoundCloud, teasing everything from drifting alt-pop rock, to delicious deep disco jams, to crunchy Bloodshy & Avant unreleased gems. According to the singer herself, a new single will be released in early 2012. Let us pray.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: Anything. Sky doesn’t make bad music.

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