Marina And The Diamonds Releases ‘Electra Heart’ Album Cover and Tracklisting

At last! Marina And The Diamonds just unveiled the cover art for her second studio album, Electra Heart, due out on April 30.

Isn’t it all shades of perfect?! She looks like a proper Suzy Homemaker! (Or should I say Suzy Homewrecker?) Hmm, either way…I’m utterly obsessed.

Marina also revealed the official album tracklisting, which is as follows:

1.) Bubblegum Bitch
2.) Primadonna
3.) Lies
4.) Homewrecker
5.) Starring Role
6.) The State of Dreaming
7.) Power and Control
8.) Living Dead
9.) Teen Idle
10.) Valley Of The Dolls
11.) Hypocrates
12.) Fear & Loathing

“Valley Of The Dolls”? “Teen Idle”? “Power And Control”? Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant titles. And we already know “Starring Role” is eleventy billion shades of incredible.

One thing though, Marina: I love you to death and I’m so, so excited about this record (the song titles alone!)–but what gives? Electra Heart prelude “Fear & Loathing” makes the cut, but “Radioactive” doesn’t? I’m devastated! It was one of my Top 5 favorite songs of 2011, and still one of the best songs you’ve ever recorded! (To be fair, she just said that there are still 4 deluxe tracks to be announced. Fingers crossed!)

Regardless, this one’s shaping up to be one of the Top 10 records of 2012. Can’t wait!

Electra Heart will be released on April 30. (iTunes)

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