Kylie Minogue Talks 12th Studio Album With E! Online, Will Not Be Singing About Rainforests

Kylie Minogue

Back when Miss Kylie Minogue was signing copies of Kylie Fashion for fans at Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC (I’m still shaking, to be honest), the iconic songstress sat down with E! to discuss her upcoming album — and, in usual Kylie fashion, offer up a few unbelievably tantalizing teases.

From E! Online

“It would have some sparkle, some sex, some insouciance,” she says of her new album, a follow-up to 2012’s Aphrodite. “And joy—that’s what I would hope. That’s what people tell me…There’s a lot to be said for making people feel good. That’s, like, the most rewarding part of what I do.”

Yes yes, happiness and all that. But most importantly: If “Sparkle, Sex and Insouciance” isn’t the name of an upcoming song, I’ll be devastated. Seriously! It’s the very essence of all things Minogue. (Well, “Glitter, Feathers & Half Naked Adonises” would also suffice.)

Anyway. Queen Kylie referred to her current single “Skirt” as “the amuse-bouche of the meal,” suggesting that those experimental dirty beats would be “as hard as it gets.” #ShakeIt!

The unnamed album—she’s still in the process of exploring material and says she hopes to release it later this year—has yet to fully take shape, but she does know one thing: It won’t stray too far from the one theme that’s become a stalwart of her music.

“There will be still be a lot of love in there,” she tells us as she goes over some of her past hits. “I mean, ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’ is about an obsessive form of love. ‘Love at First Sight’ is the first moment of falling in love.”

Minogue waits a beat before flashing a naughty smile and throwing this rowdy kicker: “I haven’t decided to sing about the rainforest at this point.”

Fair enough, though if anyone could get away with a sexy, euphoric disco thumper about spider monkeys and sloths, it’d be Kylie.

And don’t expect a Magna Carta Holy Motors Jay Z collaboration just yet.

“Not collaborating with him, not at this stage anyway,” she reveals.

She has, however, quickly taken to her new music family. “I think there’s experienced people there, Jay-Z being one of them,” Minogue says, giving props to a “dynamic group of young people” who help create “a real feeling of being a part of a family—you’re in the Roc family, and that’s really cool.”

So, that’s the long and short of it: No hard details quite yet. We do know she’s been in the studio with just about everybody in the business for over a year at this point — everyone from Darkchild to Fernando Garibay to Greg Kurstin to Ariel Rechtshaid to, most recently, Sia. (In fact, here’s a helpful list and photos!)

Oh, and rapper/stripper/Internet sensation Brooke Candy spilled the beans on Twitter earlier this week and revealed that she’s recording a verse on Kylie’s first single. Very exciting!

Much like Brit Brit‘s upcoming 8th studio album, it’s still taking shape. It’ll be worth the wait in the end, of course. Isn’t it always?

Just don’t move too slow, Kylie — your disco still needs you!

“Skirt” was released on June 24. (Beatport)

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