“Beat Of Your Heart”: Purple Disco Machine Makes Magic With ÁSDÍS

The disco producer’s done it again, this time with a rising Icelandic vocalist.

“Lightning couldn’t strike us apart, you got me dancin’ to the beat of your heart…”

Do you how nice it is to confidently drag a song to the top of a playlist without even needing to hit “Play” first to make sure it’s good?

Purple Disco Machine doesn’t do duds. He only delivers. And his latest release, “Beat of Your Heart,” is no exception.

A few months after “Something on My Mind,” his luscious, funky falsetto-filled tag-team with Duke Dumont and Nothing But Thieves, the Grammy Award-winning German disco producer, DJ and remix extraordinaire – Tino Piontek, if you’re nasty – returned over the weekend with another gorgeous offering for the dance floor. (Fun fact: Purple Disco Machine’s stage name is an homage to both Prince and Miami Sound Machine. The taste is right there!)

It’s a big, gorgeous and groovy tune, par for the course when it comes to all things PDM, featuring powerful vocals delivering all sorts of love-drunk lyricism stretched across a signature four-to-the-floor beat. (And there’s an over 5-minute extended version for flawless transitions during DJ sets too, mercifully.)

As for who’s providing that arresting vocal assist? It’s Icelandic singer-songwriter, ÁSDÍS!

Haven’t been formally introduced yet? The talented Reykjavik-born, Berlin-based vocalist was actually once a 2014 Eurovision hopeful, but has since come bursting onto the European scene with various dance floor collaborations, including “Worth It” with Gromee in 2021, “Dirty Dancing” with Glockenbach and “Release” with 220KID in 2022, and last year’s absolute tune of a debut solo single, “Angel Eyes.” (The Icelandic Becky Hill, if you will!)

“I was sent the vocals by ÁSDÍS and I immediately fell in love with her voice. I wanted to release the track as a single and we later re-recorded it together in my studio in Dresden, which was really great,” he says of the track in a release.

There’s an accompanying music video as well, although it’s currently geo-blocked in America. So retro! I’m sure it’s great.

This latest track – coupled with the remixes and singles he’s released since 2021’s Exotica, including the excellent “Substitution” with Kungs featuring Julian Perretta and “Paradise” with Sophie and the Giants, are all further proof that PDM’s one of our most reliable dance floor commanders today, and that next album is going to be a no-skips hit from start to finish.

Grab Purple Disco Machine’s Exotica album on vinyl.

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