Unless you’ve been living underneath a giant lotus, you already know that Christina Aguilera recently re-recorded A Great Big World‘s “Say Something.” It’s beautiful — no matter what they say. (SAY!)

Tonight, the Bionic beauty stepped away from her red swivel chair and onto to the stage of The Voice to perform the track. (She also put on her Burlesque outfit and performed with Flo Rida last night, but that’s for a different post — a Legendtina one, really.)

And honestly, it was perfect. Truly! Christina keeps it as stripped as the studio version (no easy feat for the melisma-lovin’ diva, surely), allowing her naturally beautiful vocals to sound a whole lot more vulnerable than usual.

The result? One powerful, devastating performance — you’ll be seeing your reflejo in the tears streaming down your face in no time.

Brava, Legendtina and fans. SLAY something!

“Say Something (feat. Christina Aguilera)” was released on November 5. (iTunes)