I know I shouldn’t have you waiting…but I’m here now.

After I returned from my pilgrimage to see The Holy Spearit‘s Piece Of Me residency in Las Vegas this week, Britney.com was nice enough to invite T. Kyle (of RealityTVGIFs), Jordan (of BreatheHeavy) and myself (Bradley Jean) to get together and talk that dirty talk about our cool and urban Live in Las Vegasney: The Bitch Is Back experience. (Merrier the more, triple fun that way.)

Get it, get it.

And if you still want more (MOAH) of Vegasney, there’s also the 15-minute video, as well as my photos and videos from the show on Instagram. Now get to work, bitch.

britney-toxic (1)
via RealityTVGIFs