Newly emancipated, forever fly young diva JoJo doesn’t want anyone feeling down on Valentine’s Day. And so, she’s blessed us with a sweeter treat than any box o’ chocolates or bouquet of roses: #FreeJo.

Kicking off with a sultry spoken word recitation of a poem by Aeni, the 4-track Valentine’s Day mini-collection offers us 3 smooth ‘n grown modern reinterpretations of classic love songs and spirituals crafted by Da Internz and Stevie Mackey, including Anita Baker‘s “Caught Up In The Rapture,” Phil Collins“Take Me Home,” and Kathleen Battle‘s gospel rendition of “Oh, Glory.”

The bouncy, #SomethingMoreUrban beats on the “Caught Up The Rapture” and “Take Me Home” reinterpretations provide a fresh spin on the feel-good tracks, and also suits JoJo’s R&B-pop swag quite nicely — but of course, it’s all about those pipes.

If it wasn’t already obvious by now, the vocal slayage is NUTS o’clock: Once you hit “Glory” especially, you best believe you’ll be boarding the JoMobile, heading down to the Church of Jo and bowing down in unworthiness at the sweet, sweet glory being received from the speakers. WHAT EVEN?! “Glory” alone is proof why it’s finally time for JoJo to shine.

Light a candle, scatter the rose petals and slip into something more comfortable…JoJo’s taking us there tonight.